Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Emotional Moon Qualities, Your Needs, & Your Mother

The emotional nature of the Moon's psychological effects on our personality, subconscious, and behavior is connected by the gravitational pull on our endocrine system.  Being made primarily of water, the fluids of our bodies are naturally responsive to the physiological attunements that our birth moon sign brings, as well as the 2.5-day changes that the Moon Herself undergoes each month.  

You could say that the Moon is "colorful" this way; She energizes and activates our psyche on a daily schedule as well as a lifetime pattern. 

Just as significantly, the Moon indicates our imprinting by our mother or our primary female caregiver. For men, this is crucial to learn: it shows how we seek a woman to share our lives and what qualities she reflects in our own life pattern. As the representation of our Inner Child's needs for security, our Moon sign shows what we seek in our lives for safety and nurturing.

Nancy Cassidy wrote about the elemental and psychological nature of the Moon in each sign; I give her the credit and thanks for the general idea.

Fire Sign Moons: Aggressive, dynamic, spontaneous; passionate
Aries moon:  "Impatient moon; Emotionally Independent"
Aries squares Cancer moon’s rulership qualities of nature & nurture;A Need to be independent - solo entity who can act alone; A "need-to-be-me" and very self-supportive;
Need for extreme lifestyle; aggressive partner;

Leo moon:  "Regal moon; Emotionally Dramatic"; (sun and moon both shine within); A need to shine and be appreciated/validated by one's Significant Other or Lover;
A need for display and presentation; Enjoyment of social events and excitement (gambling)

Sagittarius moon:  "Bachelor moon; Emotionally expansive"
(Sag challenges Cancer moon's qualities of safety and home base); A need to be free; seeks advising/teaching as means to nurture; Travel, games, and challenging activities are needed from partner.

Air sign moons: mental; social; detached from feelings/emotions
Gemini moon:  "Intellectual moon; Emotionally superficial"
Needs to communicate: writing, texting, phone calls;
Not strong for nurturing unless other factors involved; mental detachment from feelings fuels sense of distance and aloofness;
Letters, exchange of thoughts, and cards needed from partner.

Libra moon:   "Cinderella moon;  Emotionally refined"
A Need for Others:  relationships, commitments, connections;
Conflicts between Mother (moon) and Father (sun) figures;
Need for Significant Other/Life Partner/Marriage fulfillment;
art and beauty in life is needed; compromise and peace.

Aquarius moon:  "Unconventional moon; Emotionally detached"
A Need to be different and Independent in life and actions/choices; uncomfortable with Cancer moon's nurturing.
Awkward balance of home and freedom from commitment;
Deep need for space from partner; Needs distance, location, time.

Earth sign Moons: grounded awareness; determined; practical  

Taurus moon:  "Faithful moon;  Emotionally cautious"
A Need for security and stability; Total commitment from partner to support T-moon ideals. Needs tactile support from partner; acquiring luxuries or keeping land or assets.

Virgo moon:  "Analytical moon;  emotionally managed and organized"; a need to be of service to the community.
Dissects and parses emotions and feelings; Rationalizes actions and means; Needs to follow routines and schedules; keep environment in order.

Capricorn moon:  "Business moon;  emotionally reserved and calculating"; ambitious needs to prove oneself to authority;
Opposes Cancer moon's rulership:  early conditioning of “meet my expectations first” from Mother figure; Inhibited naturally by Saturn’s rulership to accept nurturing; difficulty accepting praise; Will bond for survival or practical means.

Water sign Moons: vulnerable, empathic, sensitive, emotional
Cancer-crab moon:  "Motherhood moon; emotionally protective";
receptive to other water moon signs; Need to nurture & comfort;
intuitive and sympathetic; Maternal nature for men and women;
extended to animals and groups; friendships; associations; 
Gruff nature can hide real need to show caring and vulnerability.

Scorpio moon:  "Jealous moon;  Emotionally intense";
receptive to other water moon signs; A need for secrecy; need for power and control, especially with sex and sharing self and assets; suspicious of others' intentions; Difficulty trusting a partner; needs distance and space.

Pisces moon:  "Idealistic moon;  Emotionally sensitive"; receptive to other water moon signs; A need to fantasize and
mentally escape from environment, challenges, or lifestyle;
Needs to release collection of feelings from others;
Needs to stop escaping problems in relationships.

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