Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jupiter transits - fortune and opportunity are here!

At the most fundamental level, Jupiter signifies the individual reaching out to include more and more of the universe and its experience within him or herself. It is a planet of growth and enlargement. Do consider learning where and how Jupiter is bringing "more, bigger, and better!" for you!

Additionally, Jupiter will elevate the highest aspects of life: one’s personal view, attitudes toward philosophies, faiths, and social values, and idealism. It is a consciousness-raising/expanding influence.  
A Jupiter transit in a chart is like having a check come in the mail--a BIG check--or maybe even winning a lottery; it's like the door that you have waited to open has suddenly moved on its own and welcomed you; it's a bigger, better, and happier place and time in your life experience. Jupiter transits (moves through) our charts in a complete cycle in 12 years, so it more-or-less spends one year in each house/wedge.

One of the more fruitful memories I have of a Jupiter transit was to my 2nd house of assets and values; in the two times that I observed it, money just flowed like water. However, some people think that a Jupiter transit to the 7th house of relationships means marriage; it may mean liberation from a bad relationship that needs to end. Robert Hand describes a Jupiter transit this way: Jupiter is traditionally known as “the greater Benefic” and in old astrology was thought to produce only good responses and reactions.

And indeed a Jupiter transit (or “movement of responsive action”) is usually quite pleasant and often very beneficial.  Life seems to flow more easily during a Jupiter transit, and whatever you set to do usually succeeds just as you intended in that particular area of life that Jupiter is emphasizing.

In fact, at a trivial level, Jupiter will sometimes enlarge something or make an action grandiose or overdone.  The effect of Jupiter’s energy on your life can range from making one gain weight to enlarging one’s mind and consciousness.Jupiter has a very strong social dimension as well. It is concerned with the social “glue” that holds everything together. Thus, it rules law and the legal system, as well as persons in power and government officials, a function it shares with the Sun.  One negative manifestation of certain Jupiter transits can be problems with the law, especially if Jupiter has a connection to the 9th house (the natural home of Sagittarius; the Law-Truth). On the other hand, there may be legal/moral judgments that you are called upon to render.

The house (realm of life focus) that Jupiter transits indicates the area of life in which you are trying to grow and the means by which you are doing this.  The process may be necessary growth that makes you a wiser and more successful person (in a philosophical sense) or it may be pathological growth—in other words, you are trying to get too much or go too far in this area.Wherever Jupiter transits, you should not take the matters ruled by that house at face value.  The chances are that everything will work out very well, but you should always make sure that you aren’t overdoing or going too far. It is also important to avoid taking more than your share. 

Planets (energy motivators) in your birth chart that are activated by Jupiter’s movement represent energies in your personality that are working smoothly and attaining your objectives.But the warnings given above in connection with the houses (areas of experience) apply here too. Do not overdo. One problem with Jupiter is that you should be careful about what you want, because you are likely to get it.

Nevertheless, most Jupiter transits (movement and action-reaction phases) are quite beneficial for the areas of your life that they relate to. Most people have a relatively easy time with Jupiter squares and oppositions (challenges and compromises).

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