Sunday, August 19, 2012

Transform yourself and make a stand with Mars in Scorpio!

Like Gandalf confronting the Balrog in the depths of Moria's mines, as Mars enters Scorpio, it's time to face Life Issues and Challenges with personal power, intensity, passion, strength, and fortitude. Make a stand FOR your beliefs, values, and principles--and know you will possess the ability to withstand the threats and dangers that confront you and dare you to withdraw. 

Sexual energy (especially with Mars and Pluto's influence in Scorpio and its co-rulership with the Red planet) will be churning, boiling, and needing release--can we say "Cosmic Viagra"? >:) devil Or, if desired, sublimate the physical and embrace the alchemical dream of turning the base metals within your soul and psyche into gold. Embrace the Phoenix mastery within yourself! BECOME the master of your destiny!!

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