Thursday, September 13, 2012

Libra and the Fall Equinox: starting or ending trends

On September 22nd (and sometimes, 23rd), the Sun enters Libra, the sign of Balance in Perspective, Compromise, Negotiations, Fairness, Equality—and the Fall Equinox marker. This is a time that affects EVERYONE on the planet, but especially so as “the beginning-and-ending point” for all. 

For those who live north of the equator, this begins the time when solar energy fades: closure and completion. For those south of the equator, the renewal and beginning cycles of growth are ahead—the “other side of Spring.” Where is your life purpose, goal, and direction taking you—and what have you done to prepare? Look for Libra in your chart to see where you either face “an ending and resolution” for the next 6 months, or a “new beginning and awakening time.”

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