Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jupiter Retrograde: Reflection, Contemplation, Vacation

Jupiter retrograde: Expect things you want immediately to be slower rather than hurried.

    I mean personal goals, expectations, desires and eagerness for something/one, and overall enthusiasm. It's all good though--Jupiter retrograde will let things simmer for a while. It's like using a slow-cooker. Take your time. The planning and vision that you have will come to a release. The legacy/testimony/accomplishment/plan will come forward--but now it's time to take care of your Personal Growth.
    Take some time to explore your world--or the world around you. Spend it in quiet time: let yourself think about where you are in your Life Cycle. What have you learned--and who can teach you something you need to know? Astrologically: what are you learning about yourself that has made an improvement? Why? 
    Travel or sports may also offer insights. Consider that vacation now that you always promised yourself, or pick up your passport and go somewhere to find Great Truths. You'll have a friend alongside you all the way: Jupiter retrograde.

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