Friday, October 5, 2012

Life, Death, Love, Release, Renewal: Saturn in Scorpio

Or if you prefer, the Book of Ecclesiastes: for every thing, there is a time and a purpose in your life to learn. Consider this the message of Saturn in Scorpio: the Process of Learning to Let Go and Renew Yourself in ways that are Evolutionary for your Psyche and Soul. 
    This involves what--and who--you desire. Your Ability to Manifest (The Secret) now come through more powerfully than ever. The trial of fire will come through seeing your Path develop as Release and Recovery become themes: fears if you have them are confronted in Life & Death events, and worries, obstacles, delays and loss are encountered, then reborn in the next phase that was necessary to be prepared. 
    The Discomfort of Being Emotionally Torn Apart by Scorpio is also passionate--which isn't just sexual, but also about LIVING. What have you found out and appreciated because you felt DETERMINED to Survive? And when it's over, you'll never look again in the same way at the small details that don't matter--and how to release the lies that keep you trapped in your mind and don't need.

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