Saturday, November 17, 2012

Magi astrology for marriage

 I am asked daily, "Am I compatible with this person? Will we marry?" It's the kind of answer that gets the most accurate response with Magi astrology and the energy patterns of success/failure with the planetoid/comet Chiron. Chiron is the "planet" that symbolizes love, soul mate, children, the spouse, pregnancy and karmic ties! 

(*Note: the asteroid Juno describes WHO you want to attract as a Life Partner--not "will we be married." Venus describes how we are attracted to someone and how we enjoy sharing/receiving love; Mars describes our sexual energy with a partner.)

Formed in China in 1625, Magi astrology differs from other astrological techniques because exact birth times are not necessary to do competent astrology within the Magi astrology system. While having an exact birth time is helpful, it is not crucial to providing accurate astrological information.

Magi astrology ONLY considers the dynamics of cooperation/union as successful indicators--especially when patterns are formed to Chiron from Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto; the other planets are helpful, but not as significant. Stressful patterns indicate an unhappy resolution to a relationship or possible marriage.

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