Saturday, December 8, 2012

Neptune transits the 7th house of Relationships & Partnerships: "I'm confused about Someone"

I've had a plethora of requests regarding clients with Neptune transiting the 7th house of Relationships & Partnerships, and I want to "clear the air" from this foggy type of Life Event. As Neptune is the planet that represents (to me) "our existence as Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience here on Earth," it's not easy at all to understand the subtle-but-significant messages that this transit brings. It's even harder because we tend to glamorize the circumstances, and especially with the 7th house, it's more likely a Significant Other or someone with whom we share interests in a common endeavor--like a business effort.

To that end, I've again turned to Robert Hand (and some edits of my own) to help make some sense of this transit. I also need to point out that no matter what house cusp system you use, a Neptune transit lasts for YEARS, and with the patterns of retrograde, there are all kinds of periods of "I can't see my nose in front of my face" bewilderment and fuzzy thinking about our dealings with that Special Person.

Neptune in the 7th house of Personal and Professional Relationships, Partnerships, and Open Enemies

This transit can have several effects, but in general it affects all the one-to-one relationships in your life. These include your marriage or living with someone, other partnerships (including business), conflicts with others, and relations with people whom you consult, such as medical or legal professionals, and other counselors. In any or all of these relationships there is the danger of poor communications, misunderstandings, and misrepresentation.

If you are married, you may have problems because resentments are not brought out into the open where they can be handled. Remember: Neptune confuses, clouds over, disguises, and weaves webs of fantasy over your perception of reality! One or both of you keeps your feelings hidden and acts in a concealed manner, making it difficult for the other to help solve the problem. There is also the danger of over-idealizing your relations, which can be a problem even if you are not married. You may simply idealize your relationship out of proportion to the facts and reality of the situation and think everything is just fine when it isn’t. This is the old Neptunian problem of thinking that what you want to be true is there before you, and therefore, it’s a valid fact and reality. If you are truly attentive to what is really happening in the relationship, you will be able to see the truth. (This is how and why a Neptune transit to this Area of Life fogs over our view by creating an illusion: we see the mirage instead!)

Also during this transit, you may have to take care of someone close to you who is sick or has some other problem that requires care. This person is most likely to be your living partner, but it could be someone else who is close to you.
If you are in business, be very careful about forming any new partnership at this time. It is not very likely to work out as you want it to, and your partner may be more of a problem than a help. In extreme cases this transit can even indicate being swindled or otherwise financially manipulated or deceived by a partner. An established partnership that has worked out well in the past will probably continue to do so, but be careful to communicate clearly with each other. 

Misunderstandings are a standard consequence of a 7th house Neptune transit. This transit is normally not preferable for dealing with lawyers and lawsuits because the 7th house rules people whom you consult, as well as lawsuits. You probably won’t get a good deal if you do hire a lawyer to represent you. 

Also, the factions that will determine the outcome of you case would be difficult to discover, let alone deal with. This same advice applies to other people whom you hire for consultation. This includes astrologers too: a consultation done while Neptune is transiting your 7th house is a good reason for YOU to take ownership of decisions that we suggest, rather than you creating an image in your mind that that we are unerring seers.


Art said...

Thank you! Going through this right now with sun in my 8th, and venus, mercury, and neptune all in the 7th!! On the verge of a huge business deal with a large media giant, but I've been thinking about just doing it all myself. The Venus aspect is pulling me (a loner) towards working with others, but Neptune is making it hard to see people and businesses for who they truly are, simply because I really want things to work.

Twane Bartlett said...

First of all, THANKYOU FOR THIS POST!! I'm experiencing this exact transit in Pisces at the moment. Just to clarify...if I focus on my relationships. Give it my undivided attention and take cold hard facts concerning these relationships into account..I will be able to see the Truth? And is the purpose of this transit to teach how to relate properly on all levels in various types of relationships?
Kind regards
Twane Bartlett

Yıldız Gözlemcisi said...

Doesn't represent neptune also soulmates or twin flames?
If you're a highly spiritual person, couldn't this transit also bring you your twin flame? Or is this just again a foggy mindgame of neptune. :)
I pray for all of us, who are experiencing this fog and can't see the truth in front of our eyes.