Thursday, December 13, 2012

Uranus direct (and Uranus transits): Thrill-seekers and Wild Rides

Here we go again: it's time for "Uranus goes Direct," and YOU get to be the rider on the the Unpredictable, Unexpected, Unusual, and Exciting Roller Coaster planet. Up-is-down & down-is-up once again.

During the transits of Uranus to your natal chart, you will experience phenomena that are out of accord with your everyday life.  The events that occur will be unusual, upsetting, sudden, and unexpected.  For this reason, astrologers are often reluctant about giving precise consultations about Uranian activities.  Almost all that can be said for sure is to “expect the unexpected, and let the craziness be your guide.” 

But the transits of Uranus are not to be feared or harmful; rather, they confront us regarding our extent of what we are unwilling to accept regarding newness and change in our lives.  Uranus challenges the rigid structures in life that most people work so hard to build.  Many people value regularity and predictability so much that they will even sacrifice personal happiness to get it.  (Think of all the unhappy marriages that continue only because both persons are afraid of the insecurities that breaking up would bring.)

But this kind of rigidity is ultimately destructive to life in its highest sense—change is inevitable, and the potential to adapt to it and continue is vital.  Life is—or should be—a constant, ongoing confrontation between yourself and the world, with an energy that keeps everything fresh and lively.  The problem with this confrontation, however, is that there is always the danger of losing, so most people avoid the confrontation or circumstances within if they can.  To survive half-dead, they reason, is better than to lose.  However, those are not the only alternatives:  it is only fear that makes it seem that way.

Some birth signs are more intuitively understanding of a Uranus transit:  the Cardinal signs (Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn) are governed by major life events and change, so even though an upheaval may come, they seem to be ready to face it. (Aries may say, “Oh, a new adventure that I never considered--but it's something I can sink my teeth into!”; Cancer will think of how it will affect their home and security ("I didn't plan on yet another home improvement!"); Libra will anticipate how to keep peace with the relationships it has established--or how to handle that exotic new connection; Capricorn will look to see how it affects a long-term legacy that has been a lifetime goal--and how to manage the challenges to the long-term project.) The Fixed signs (Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius) often resist the hardest (especially Taurians, who do not like to change until they are ready—and Uranus does not give any chance for planning this; a Leo may wonder how it will reflect upon their need for attention and love given and received; a Scorpio will fight it relentlessly, then cast off the old conditions as though they were a dead issue, but Aquarians, being ruled by Uranus, often go with it after an initial stand-off, anticipating a new sense of freedom of self. The Mutable signs (Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius-Pisces) are more adaptable to a Uranus transit time.  (Gemini might find an opportunity to learn something new and wild; Virgo will incorporate the maintenance of schedules into their calibrating-sorting mindset to ensure things get done--sort of a "chaos management"; Sagittarians may seek new unique and visionary venues of philosophy of lifestyles and values that are socially advanced; and Pisces may sigh quietly and just consider it another burden to be accepted in a lifestyle that requires sacrifice regardless--and that the storm will someday mellow when Life's demands are done.

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