Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chart Patterns Part II

Anybody play dice games like craps? Sevens, 11s, Little Joe; Boxcars. Snake Eyes. Each throw produces a different spread--just like the chart can show by the placement of planets with signs in the houses (wedges). 
   I don't know the original author, but this is a simple way of looking at another way of interpreting the psyche from the pattern of the chart. I also wrote on this at

The positions of the planets fall into seven types or patterns--bundle, bowl, seesaw, bucket, splash, locomotive and splay. Marc Edmund Jones first described these patterns, associating them with distinct personality types (in natal charts) and prognostic indicators (in transit, progressed, returned or horary charts).

  • Only the ten planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune AND Pluto) are considered in determining patterns. Leave out the Nodes, POF, asteroids etc. to get the essence of the 'whole view'. 
     Seesaw - Planets occupy two opposing areas of the chart. Focus is on binary opposites requiring objectivity, awareness and balance.

`Bucket - Bowl pattern with one planet in the opposite arc--the 'handle to the bucket. A strong focus with much energy pivoting around the singleton planet.

Splash - Planets evenly distributed around the chart - scattered interests, diversity, flexibility and wide range of interests.

Bundle - Planets all within 120 degrees. Focused interest in the houses occupied. Intense, determined, relentless.

Locomotive - Planets occupy 240 degrees of the chart, the remaining 120 is empty. Emphasis is on the first and last planet to rise. Much drive, energy and enthusiasm.

Splay - Planets create three points of emphasis - highly individual, grounded and confident. Focus on occupied houses. If grand trine, the element dominates.

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