Thursday, January 31, 2013

Venus in Aquarius: Love you like a friend in my Global Family

When Venus enters Aquarius and while She's there, the planet of Love, Beauty, Pleasure, and Social Enjoyment has a detached nature that isn't "me and you" at all. Instead, the Aquarius side has an interest in "the global relationships" that are possible--and a 1:1 commitment isn't a priority.

Venus in Aquarius by nature is loyal and committed; the fixed nature has a steady quality that knows the meaning of holding true to one's values. However, the focus is more about "us" as part of the Family of Man and Womankind--so activities and support is given to social networking and a collective unity with a communal theme of "I love everyone, but not anyone who takes away my sense of freedom and sharing my love for a dedicated cause." 

In a different way too, Venus in Aquarius also recognizes the need for love in ways that defies and rejects current standards of society that are restrictive and limiting. Alternative choices in relationships are a natural understanding. Also, Venus in Aquarius has "techie love": using the vast array of electronic devices that connect people to enhance and develop a sense of All Man and Woman Brothers and Sisters. The view that "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child" also reflects a perspective of Venus in Aquarius: "aunts and uncles, grandfathers and grandmothers" are not just relationship titles, but an understanding that a child can receive love from a non-related member of the community.

Finally, Venus in Aquarius love can also be extended to the Galactic Family that awaits our understanding and acceptance: the multitude of beings in human and non-traditional human form who live on other planets who will finally be accepted by their Earth neighbors much like the Federation of Planets in the Star Trek series. And for that matter, Capt. James Kirk showed advanced Venus in Aquarius love with all those passionate romances he had with alien women. If a female with green skin could make his heart beat faster and raise his arousal, Venus in Aquarius will show us that love will go where no man has gone before when we reach for the stars--or let them connect with us.

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