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Empty Houses & Follow-up Rulership placements

I received my chart from you and there are empty houses! What does this mean? It means you first learn the meanings of the houses--it's easy enough, and there are a number of ways I've shown how here at  link #1"houses link2". Yes, this is part of how you gain use of the "short phrases". Try "Cities and Famous Places of the World as Houses" in link #1. Look for the bottom portion of Link #2 to explain the categories of each house. The top portion of Link #2 is from the famous Stephen Arroyo's work--an acclaimed psychologist's view of the houses.

Then ask yourself--what's the condition of the empty house? Who's the doorman on the cusp? What uniform is he wearing? What characterizations of the sign do you know? Find the ruler of that sign and see where it falls on its respective cusp, and also, what planet is engaged? In what sign? In what kind of aspect or energy flow? In other words, "Where was the activity of that empty house displayed?" What role of response is represented as a resulting follow-up? Who got the job, and what IS the job?

I have Capricorn on the 5th; no planets. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is in my 3rd in Scorpio. It makes up part of the Yod to my midheaven (career): how I express myself in communications through my work as a Life Mentor and astrologer. The 3rd house involves Communications, Short Trips, and Basic Learning. The 5th house is Children, Fun & Enjoyment, Love, and Creativity--I have no children, but my creative works, including my books, are my "kids" in their own way. I fulfill the (Gemini-like) 3rd house Communications and Information Dispersal  & the Discipline Demanded thru the presence of the Master Teacher (Saturn) with my effort to express myself as an astrological teacher and my college professorship as an English instructor. 

I also do it by writing and blogging, including the 3 books I've authored. My B.A. in psychology fulfills the mystical deep intuitive studies demanded by Scorpio: "what secrets hide in the minds of men and women?" By using my abilities to write, speak, and act with deliberation, effort, knowledge of the psyche, and creativity, I learn to give life to my "progeny" through my work and play--and fulfill my lessons to express myself in verbal and written form. Public speaking, anyone? Learning THAT was a big lesson for me--even how to speak more slowly. And that isn't easy for a Noo Yawker from Lawn Guyland.

So it's just like that: where's the ruler of the empty house sign? Look to the answer for the clues to reveal about how it's being resolved. 

Here's a long sample of rulerships: 

Ruler of the 1st House in the Houses:
The ruler of the first house is also referred to as the "chart ruler". Example: If Aries is on the first house, Mars is the first house ruler. If Mars is in the 7th house, then the ruler of the first house is in the 7th house. 

It can point to dominant interests or motivations, things that we pour a lot of energy into, as well as areas of life where we are motivated to take personal action. Sometimes we use the energies associated with the house to protect ourselves from the insecurities we may feel about being "out there" and exposed to the world. The condition of the first house shows how we handle beginnings, new situations, and being "looked at" or acknowledged. 

How we feel when we walk into a place we've never been before--whether the feeling is one of self-consciousness, boldness, reticence, eagerness, and so forth--comes under the rule of the first house. For example, if the ruler of the 1st house is in the 4th house, we may build a strong connection to family or build a home base to make us feel protected and safe. We may not be especially comfortable in new situations or situations that single us out.

Keep in mind the meaning of the first house when interpreting its ruler's position and aspects. The first house reveals our defense mechanisms and first reactions to new stimuli, how we instinctively react to a new situation,  how we appear to others (the "first impression" we make on a personal level), our mannerisms and physical bearing, and our physical form.

Ruler of the 1st House in the 1st House

The manner in which you come across to others is very important to you. You are self-conscious and very body aware. Even if you don't have any planets in Aries, you have some distinct Aries traits--you are reactive, a leader, and sometimes impulsive. You are self-motivated and self-interested. You live life believing that your fate is in your own hands, and you are likely to be quite proactive.

Ruler of the 1st House in the 2nd House

You have a strong value system, and you value security and longevity more than most people. Some may call you stubborn and fixed, as you do have a way of establishing routines and getting set in your ways. You may be focused on establishing yourself materially, but this position can also suggest a strong desire to lay down roots. Comfort and security motivate much of what you do, and you value things that last. Even if you don't have planets in the sign of Taurus, you have some distinct Taurus traits.

Ruler of the 1st House in the 3rd House

Even if you don't have planets in Gemini, your chart ruler in the third house gives you some distinct Gemini traits, such as versatility, curiosity, and communication skills. You may be fidgety, somewhat restless, and most certainly curious about the world around you. You are likely to be quite active, moving about close to home. You adopt a lighthearted approach to life, may be a "jack of all trades", and are a "people watcher". You delight in putting two and two together, and feel a stronger need than most people to engage in idle chit-chat with friends.

Ruler of the 1st House in the 4th House
Some might call you a homebody. You are someone who is very motivated by a need for security and roots. You may "take after" a parent quite strongly--perhaps following in his or her footsteps or resembling this parent. Even if you don't have planets in Cancer, you display distinct traits of the sign. You may invest a lot of energy into building your "nest".

Ruler of the 1st House in the 5th House
Even if you don't have planets in Leo, you display distinct traits of the sign. You pour a lot of energy into hobbies, children, or creative endeavors. Having a good time is important to you! You need to express yourself creatively, thrive on attention, and you are likely very romantic and proud. There is some sort of eager excitement connected with being noticed and singled out. You enjoy attention and often look for it in order to feed your spirit.

Ruler of the 1st House in the 6th House
What you do as a vocation is more important to you than most. You may be a bit of a workaholic, as work occupies your thoughts. Others see you as a helpful and responsible person, and likely your reputation is well-deserved. You are very body-aware, and it is important that you have a healthy regimen of diet and/or physical activity. This builds your confidence. In many ways, you come across as unassuming and modest. You are always willing to offer helpful tips to others--and you have plenty of them!

Ruler of the 1st House in the 7th House
How you see yourself--and find yourself--is mirrored by a partner or close friend. You tend to define yourself in terms of how you relate with another person. Bouncing ideas off, or getting feedback from, another person feels almost like a necessity in order for you to take action or make decisions. Decisions are thus made indirectly, as a product of this feedback. You may find that you vacillate a lot as a result.

Ruler of the 1st House in the 8th House
You are a person who readily sees that there is more to any person or situation than meets the eye. You are somewhat reserved, not fond of "posing", and you have a distinct disdain for all that is superficial. You have a mysterious, private, or sensual aura around you. 

You are not one to show off, and you seem to be content to be left alone--at least that's what others seem to read. Psychology appeals to you, you are generally quite hard-working, and you may spend much of your time researching and "digging". Sometimes this indicates an inheritance that transforms the life, or handling other people's money.

Ruler of the 1st House in the 9th House
You are a generally outgoing person--an idealist and a dreamer. Usually ready for an adventure on the fly, you are a growth-oriented person and a born philosopher. Your opinions are strong, and you are generally ready and willing to let others know what you think! You may also be especially attracted to travel.

Ruler of the 1st House in the 10th House
You have a strong need for recognition that can be a driving force in your life. You are usually ready to take charge, and you are fond of structure. You readily take responsibility for yourself and for others. Some people with this position "hide" behind a position, such as a job, social standing, or reputation; or, they are especially fond of letting others know their position in life. Certainly, you come across as strong.

Ruler of the 1st House in the 11th House
You like to be on the same wavelength as others, and you tend to actively seek out similar, like-minded people to share times with. You are concerned about the welfare of others, and equality of people is an important concept in your life. People with this position are usually quite outgoing, sociable, and adventurous.

Ruler of the 1st House in the 12th House
While shy in youth, as you mature you tend to find ways of handling and masking your sensitivity. Your intuition is strong, and you naturally understand that there are hidden forces in life that influence the daily goings-on. You tend to always be seeking something higher--such as a greater meaning or understanding of life and your place or purpose in it. There is something mysterious and private to your aura. 

At times, you may feel a lot of anxiety. Although you are capable of being alone, sometimes loneliness consumes you and vague doubts and fears haunt you. You are a perceptive person, and managing your deep sensitivity is something that can be a lifelong task.

Ruler of the 2nd House in the Houses: Interpretations
Example: If Aries is on the second house, Mars is the second house ruler. If Mars is in the 7th house, then the ruler of the second house is in the 7th house. 

Ruler of the 2nd House in the 1st House
The anxiety about earning your own money already was generated in your youth, probably by your family upbringing. Your financial income is directly related to your own effort, to the expression of your talents and to the utilization of your physical body.

Ruler of the 2nd House in the 2nd House

You are able to earn money through your own industry. You will find security thanks to your patient work and perseverance. Your practical and realistic sense allows you to do very well in your professional activity. It is important for you to establish a healthy sense of values, because your remuneration is based on that.

Ruler of the 2nd House in the 3rd House

Your income may be derived from a job or career which involves verbal as well as written communication, studies, travel, and also by working with a brother or sister if you have any, or other close relative.

Ruler of the 2nd House in the 4th House
Your income is related to your home, the city where you reside, and also to real estate in general. You may work out of your home or in professions such as interior decorator, gardener, farmer or real estate ventures.

Ruler of the 2nd House in the 5th House
Your income is related to creative endeavors, publications, entertainment, sports or arts, investments that imply certain risk or speculation, education or children. You are likely to earn money through some pursuit that will offer satisfaction and pleasure.

Ruler of the 2nd House in the 6th House
Your income is related to fields of sanitation, diets, health, hygiene, nursing, or occupying a subordinate position and organization in important companies, or in a completely different area such as domestic animal care.

Ruler of the 2nd House in the 7th House
Your income is related to the training of a matrimonial or commercial society, or to an activity related to the public. You could also earn money involving legal affairs, such as contracts and agreements.

Ruler of the 2nd House in the 8th House
Your income is related to the administration of other people's resources, joint investments, banking, brokerage, insurance, or politics. There is a possibility of receiving an inheritance. This position also favors profit by marriage.

Ruler of the 2nd House in the 9th House
Your income depends to a large extent on the relationship you may have with other countries. You can earn money in foreign trade, import and export, travel, tourism, or a liberal profession, science, philosophy or religion, or teaching in a university.

Ruler of the 2nd House in the 10th House
Your income is related to the career or profession that you choose. Thanks to your daily effort, you will be able to establish a sense of achievement. This position enables you to earn money in some government capacity or politics, or to acquire a profession of great social status.

Ruler of the 2nd House in the 11th House
Your income is closely linked with those of friends, your relationships, or to activities that you perform in certain social groups. You are likely to have influential friends who will help you to improve your income. There is a possibility of earning money through administrative or political positions in social organizations.

Ruler of the 2nd House in the 12th House
Your income is related to some kind of service in connection with healing and welfare, or helping the less fortunate. You may have difficulties evaluating your self worth, which may impinge your level of income. 

Evaluating your natural talents would bring better financial opportunities. This influence could bring confidential financial support, but also may incline to clandestine or illegal business. Avoid any easy business that may imply some risk or commitment.

 Ruler of the 7th House in the Houses: Interpretations
The seventh house represents what you are looking for in others in order to complement the qualities you most identify with, whether you do this consciously or unconsciously.

Ruler of the 7th House in the 1st House
You possess a strong level of charm. Your people skills are likely quite keen, in that you quickly pick up on cues in your environment. Relationships are vitally important to you, and you often, perhaps without even knowing it, tend to evaluate yourself based on how well you are getting along with others. 

You tend to be attracted to partners who are independent and outgoing, or who reflect the image that you project. You have an intense need to identify with your partner (or with the public), and you may often find yourself doing what it takes to please that partner (or the public).

Ruler of the 7th House in the 2nd House
You tend to gravitate to a life partner who shares similar basic values as you. You value certainty in partnership more than almost anything. Constancy is important to you as well. Your life partner may be a good provider or could be the money manager in your relationship. 

Significant one-to-one relationships in your life are important to you, and you tend to hang on to people as long as you can, as you value longevity, security, familiarity, and reliability in your partnerships. You can be quite possessive of your partners.

Because security is most important to you, you may tolerate unhappiness in a partnership just so that you don't have to be the one to leave. Partnerships make you feel secure. Physical touching and closeness is important to you in your significant relationships.

Ruler of the 7th House in the 3rd House
Communication is everything to you in a partnership. You enjoy discussions with significant others in your life, if only to bounce ideas back and forth. Movement in a relationship is important to you. You tend to like to spend a lot of time with a partner, perhaps running errands together, or simply chatting about your day. 

Although you enjoy talking to a partner, you also value his or her opinion, and most certainly value your partner's involvement. You may find that your thoughts take shape more readily when you are able to hold one-on-one conversations. For example, you may come to more interesting conclusions or get your best ideas if you are speaking or writing to another person rather than simply thinking about something on your own, or jotting down your ideas. 

Thus you seem to need another person to help you give shape to your own ideas. This does not mean you depend on others for advice; however, you do rely on the feedback of others to stimulate your own thought processes.

Ruler of the 7th House in the 4th House
You seek a partner who is nurturing, caring, and domestic. A feeling of security in your close personal relationships is extremely important to you. Fitting in to your sense of home and family, and your set of traditions, is important to you in a companion. You seek someone familiar and comfortable. Your life partner may be the one who provides a home base for you--a sense of comfort and security. 

This sometimes indicates a person who is slow to marry, if at all. This position can suggest that your relationships tend to mirror your own parents' relationship, either in an unconscious attempt to fill emotional needs that went unfulfilled in childhood, or to cling to your roots. You tend to feel threatened when others don't support your most basic of values.

Ruler of the 7th House in the 5th House
A spirit of fun, romance, and playfulness is important to you when it comes to your close relationships. You tend to depend upon a companion to stimulate your own creativity or to bring out your "inner child". 

You are unlikely to marry for any other reason but love, as there is an idealistic and romantic side to you. This sometimes indicates that you look for a creative and expressive partner, or that you partner with someone in a creative endeavor on a professional level. You tend to seek a companion who enjoys similar diversions and hobbies as you do. You are quite dependent on the encouragement of your partner, and you thrive on attention from a companion. You are threatened by a person who is detached or impersonal. 

A relationship that is playful, reassuring, and encouraging is most attractive to you. You feed on the emotional energy of a partnership, deriving confidence from your association. You may be "in love with love", and you tend to approach any new association with a fresh and idealistic attitude.

Ruler of the 7th House in the 6th House
You seek a partner who is supportive of you on a day-to-day basis and with regards to the work you do. However, you may end up with someone who is too involved to the point of being meddlesome. Sometimes this indicates meeting a partner through work, or working with a partner.  This may also indicate a companion who supports your work or even makes your work possible. 

There is a practical tone to your partnerships, and you might want to watch that they don't grow to be relationships involving duty or obligation more than relationships just for the sake of togetherness. You do value a partner's involvement and concern, but it must be on your own terms in order for you to feel fulfilled. This may be especially the case if the planet involved is the Sun, Mercury, Mars, or Saturn. Because this is tricky, you may end up feeling criticized or observed by your partner a little too much for your liking. 

There may be a strong theme of inequality, imbalance, or service in your close partnerships, especially with the Moon, Venus, or Neptune here. If you find yourself drawn to partners in need of help, you might consider that you are doing so in order to heal a part of yourself. This position can also indicate that the work you do involves service to others in one-to-one scenarios, such as counseling.

Ruler of the 7th House in the 7th House
While the ruler of the 7th in the 5th suggests being "in love with love", this position suggests being in love with the relationship itself. 

You depend a great deal on a partnership, but you must be careful not to be so focused on "the relationship" that you lose sight of the people in it! You tend to form close partnerships quite easily, perhaps feeling that life just wouldn't be "right" without a close companion. You may find yourself attracted to partners who are strong and who tend to lead the relationship, especially if the planet involved is the Sun, Mars, or Saturn. You are a master at the art of compromise. 

The most positive expression of this position is partnering with someone who increases your self-confidence. The main situation to avoid here is the development of co-dependent relationships. As well, although you may be attracted to people who take charge in the relationship, you might develop resentment towards your companion over time, and passive-aggressive behavior may be the result.

Ruler of the 7th House in the 8th House
You are drawn to relationships that challenge you to grow and transform. In the process, you may unconsciously create challenges in your partnerships. These can take the form of "testing" your partner, although it's unlikely to be a deliberate process. You are drawn to relationships with a "life or death" intensity. Superficial connections simply don't satisfy you--passion and intensity are what gets you going. When you couple, you do so completely. 

You encounter your "shadow" through your partnerships, and you might find that relationships bring out the darker emotions in you--jealousy, manipulation, fear of betrayal, and so forth. Ultimately, however, they can also bring out your hidden strengths. Power struggles may be part of the picture. It can be hard for you to move on and get over a relationship that ends, and there can be an obsessive quality to your close relationships. 

Your partnerships tend to alter your life and lifestyle significantly, as you tend to throw yourself into them with passion and intensity. This position sometimes indicates that you are drawn to close companions who offer you support--moral, financial, and otherwise. On the other hand, you may be in a position to counsel others with regard to their finances.

Ruler of the 7th House in the 9th House
Relationships must be vital and alive rather than static and routine in order for you to feel fulfilled. In some cases, the spouse comes from a culture that is very different from your own background. You might shy away from a legal commitment. Your partner brings out the philosopher or wanderer in you. Through your partnerships, you feel more adventurous, curious, and interested in exploring beyond your neighborhood and your circle. 

Although you may rely on others to inspire your own higher mind, you do not necessarily concur with his or her belief system. You enjoy discussing and creating your personal philosophies together with a partner. You require much more than just physical and emotional stimulation from a partner. When your higher mind is stimulated, the rest of you engages. This position also indicates a strong idealism when it comes to close partnerships. You are not one to "settle" for practical reasons or otherwise. You need to feel that the person you are with is right for you, and that is the single most important factor.

Ruler of the 10th House in the Houses: Interpretations
Ruler of 10th house in 1st house

Your professional success is related to the expression of your personality, the confidence in your initiative and your physical body or appearance. Whatever you achieve in life, you will have to do it on your own and will be very proud of it. Try to avoid the tendency to become egocentric. You may do best when self-employed.

Ruler of 10th house in 2nd house

Your professional success will be reflected in your income. Most likely you will make money through the profession you choose. Your resources and values play an important role in your future success.

Ruler of 10th house in 3rd house

Your professional success is related to some form of self-expression. You feel a need to communicate and to express your own ideas through the profession you choose. Your career may necessitate a lot of traveling or you may publish notes or articles.

Ruler of 10th house in 4th house

Your profession is related to your home, and because of this, you may work out of your home or with one of your parents, possibly continuing a family business. This astrological influence also could lead you to try fields having to do with soil, property, land or those that have to do with your place of birth.

Ruler of 10th house in 5th house

Your professional success is related to your creativity. No matter what profession you choose, you always show your originality and desire to do things your way. This astrological position leads you to find success, especially in sports or artistic careers. Working in your profession will be a pleasure for you.

Ruler of 10th house in 6th house

Your professional success is related to your ideas on service. No matter what profession you choose, it will be more gratifying for you if you feel that you are helping others. This astrological position favors professions linked to medicine, therapy or nutrition. If you do not have a career, you are likely to work in a company that provides some kind of service.

Ruler of 10th house in 7th house

Your professional success is related to the public, society and marriage. You have a need for give and take with the public; your contact with the public could be on a large scale as well as people individually. Your professional progress will be stimulated by the training of some association or by the support you receive from your mate.

Ruler of 10th house in 8th house

Your professional success is related to your ability to produce changes or transformations in yourself as well as others. This astrological influence brings financial support from others that will help your career. That help could come from a financial institution as well as your marriage. Any kind of investigations would be very favorable.

Ruler of 10th house in 9th house

Your professional success is related to your ideals, university degree, higher studies, religion and traveling. You may establish yourself professionally in a different place from that of your birth or your work could necessitate you to travel often. You always feel the need to expand your knowledge and to make the most of each day.

Ruler of 10th house in 10th house

You are likely to put a lot of energy into achieving professional success. Your ambitions and goals are clearly defined, and you have a need to demonstrate to yourself and others what you can achieve through your own effort. Your career may depend on parental support or guidance, or you may follow in the footsteps of your parents. Either way, you always point out your individuality and personal ability.

Ruler of 10th house in 11th house

Your professional success is related to your participation in some organization, group, union, or club. The support you receive from your friends will be crucial and because of this, you have to consider sociability as an important part of your life.

Ruler of 10th house in 12th house

Your professional success is related to your ability to serve others behind the scenes. Your profession is likely to be performed behind closed doors or in private. This position favors professions that require power behind the throne; that is to say that you make suggestions or decisions without conferring with the public. Activities linked to secret information, medicine or investigations would be very favorable.

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