Saturday, March 23, 2013

House sign interceptions: "caught in the middle" for growth patterns

The topic of interceptions has come up (and no, this is not like the kind in American football games): this appears in the chart when two signs are "caught in between" respective house cusps. As I understand, this is due more so to the mix of latitude/longitude/day/time and the result of timing itself.

An interception throws two signs in polarity in the "middle" of the cusp between two houses. The psychological-spiritual lesson that comes with this involves an "extra" measure of those two sign's dynamics that need development, growth, and emphasis for the individual. It's a "doubling-up" effect of Lessons that has been provided for the individual's life experiences and soul growth.

 A new client of mine has Sagittarius on her ascendant. However, Capricorn is "caught in the middle" of the 1st house cusp--and in polarity, Cancer is also "caught in the middle" of her 7th house cusp. She needs to develop her Capricorn qualities in her personality (and also to be aware of the physiological emphasis on her bones, knees, and skeletal system; the first house also involves the appearance and body).
Furthermore, she needs to bring forward more of her caring, nurturing, intuitive-emotional, and family-domestic qualities in her relationships, both personal and if so emphasized, professional, as the 7th house relates to this. She also needs to be more receptive to these influences from someone who wishes to be involved with her in a relationship. She needs to let someone "mother-care" for her and to be open to giving more of this to them.

In summary: when a house shows an intercepted sign, look to the opposite house and see where its complementary sign needs development. Note the quality and nature of the signs involved, and also which planets are contained in those houses, as they will be influential keys for the psyche's growth patterns.

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