Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jupiter in Cancer (meets the Sun in Cancer native): Home is for Happiness

It's time for growth with Jupiter in Cancer by transit. As the planet of Opportunity, Gains, Expansion, and Optimism, the focus in the sign of the Crab will bring bigger and better energies to family matters (many people who did not think they would be parents may possibly well find themselves as new mothers and fathers); interest in food (Cancer the Crab rules the kitchen and providing for others nutritional needs); and a raised awareness of the home environment and its abilities to "do more" for those it protects and offers comfort.

Personally, Cancer-Crabs will see new and invigorating views of Self as Jupiter joins their Sun: Traditionally, this is considered one of the most marvelous transits, and indeed it is quite good.  However, its influence may be masked by other transits that are longer-lasting and more powerful.  If your chart has indications of many difficult behavioral challenges and attitudes that are occurring by other conditions and transits at this time, this one will serve largely to give you a break.

At the very least, you will feel good at this time.  Your health is better, and you feel very optimistic.  For a while it may seem that everything is working out perfectly, and if you make an effort, it will.  But if you simply sit back and enjoy this transit, its beneficent influence will pass away with little to show for it afterward.

This is the beginning of a new 12-year cycle of growth in your life.  It is a time to initiate new projects and expand your activities so that you can experience life from a broader perspective.  You may find that you can escape from some narrowing and inhibiting circumstances that have prevented you from realizing your full potential as a human being.  Sometimes people travel under this configuration, but usually the traveling is more in the mind.

This is a good time to study a subject that raises your consciousness or expands your view of the world, and it is an excellent transit for going back to school.  You may also meet new people who expose you to aspects of life that you have never known before.  Your freedom will certainly increase.

Even with this transit, there are some pitfalls.  First, your exuberant optimism can cause you to overdo or overreach yourself, so that when this transit is over, you find yourself out on the proverbial limb.  Exercise a certain amount of restraint and build upon what you have rather than trying to increase your holdings beyond your ability to handle them.  Be careful of extravagance, and if you invest money, remember that today’s luck is not permanent.

Otherwise, you can have a good time under this transit.  Remember, the feeling of well-being that you experience now is really closer to the truth of who you are than the gloomier or more depressed feelings that you have at other times.

But just one small--no, make that a whopper because it's Jupiter--point to make: one's home life and family matters may become bigger than expected. After all, just ask the Little Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe.
She had so many children she didn't know what to do.

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