Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pluto 4th House transit: Rebuild your Life & Home

A word from Pluto the Transforming Agent of Changes and Rebuilding: "When I visit a house (Area of Life Activity), you will meet MY demands and expectations that are designed for your personal Growth & Character Development--and My method is to destroy what you have created and expect will continue. Your ability to regenerate and reconstruct yourself into NEW Awareness of Self is my gift--whether or not you like it or agree with the immediate results."

Don't care for Saturn's Lessons and "Go back and repeat it again" ways? Pluto doesn't ask us to repeat a lesson: it completely wipes out the rules and guidelines and makes us develop a whole new sense of ideas, purpose, commitment, or objectives. To my experience (and also from clients), this is more observable when Pluto transits the angles (1st, 4th, 7th, & 10th houses). 

This is a lesson of Pluto in the Fourth House of Home Environment, Family Settings, and the End Times of our lives: whatever structures, foundations, plans, goals, objectives, and intentions are in place will be swept aside, either figuratively or literally. (Author's note: In my own experience, I have watched Pluto in my 4th house since 2005--and I have moved almost 3000 miles six times since then. That's over 4600 km each time. In facing Pluto each time, I have made friends and seen them depart from my life and given up loved ones, pets, belongings, property, and jobs. It has been brutally painful each time--but Pluto in the 4th house says "Where you are and what you are at this time will not be the same when I have finished with your life.")

I don't want to use the analogy of a disaster as a means of defining Pluto in the 4th house, but it has a firm message that I saw as the embodiment of this transit. In 2005, when I saw New Orleans, Louisiana, be pummeled by Hurricane Katrina, that was a strong motivation for me to immediately decide that I needed to change how I lived, WHERE I lived, and how much I needed to learn about my priorities and values about "home sweet home." My very first home that I bought seven months earlier was put on the market for sale--and I said to friends that I intended to relocate to California so that I could meet someone who would help me learn about self-reliance and self-sufficiency and share a home. I found that person--and found ourselves a farm and land--not long after. It was an eye-opening experience to raise food--including chickens--and to be responsible for the egg-to-dinner table results. This City Boy learned a whole new way of living from Pluto's presence in the 4th house. 

It happened again in 2009, when I had to move yet again (and yes, over 3000 miles) in order to deal with 4th house issues. (The 4th house involves one parent; this involved my mother's health and care.) After I finished the tenure set by Pluto for this transformational understanding, I was then free to move yet AGAIN 3000+ miles in order to start new--and so I did. 

And now...Pluto has energized me and the importance of starting over one more time--and I have--you guessed it--moved a great distance to work overseas. (My 5th house cusp is 23 Capricorn--looks like "the road is my middle name" may well be my future for a LONG time). 

So, PLEASE heed my counsel when I say to you that "Pluto in transit through your 4th house {and also in other houses} will change you in ways that you do not expect, that you do not want to let go of, and in ways that are absolutely profound to your expectations. Learn to embrace the potential of Renewal, Rebuilding, and Opportunity from Pluto, even if it means you have to pack everything in a suitcase and go. Pluto makes no promises except that change is inevitable, and that your willingness to face it can make all the difference for success or frustration. As much as you may love your home and all that belongs under your roof, Pluto transiting your 4th house may uproot you physically, emotionally, and most certainly, completely, so that you find the path to a new reality that is vital for your psyche.


jimcasola said...

just back from my sister in laws funeral,cast a progressed chart for myself, and found Pluto was one degree into the fourth house. Then found your web page about it. We had been planning to sell our home and many things in order to free ourselves up and head to the west coast. Looking forward to more of your stuff. Thanks for blogging,

mphillips828@Hotmail.com said...

WOW!!!!! I could so relate to what the author of this article wrote!!!! Pluto has recently entered my 5th house. Over the last 2 yrs I have sold a beautiful home (i never should have), bought a smaller home lived in it only for 2 weeks and had to immediately leave (me and my dog were getting ill shortly after moving in) had to live in hotel for 4 months, because the new house had toxic mold. To make a long story short, I lost 75k thru that ordeal, fixed the house up after mold re-mediation and then sold it, bought another house this past January, and am putting on the market in a few weeks. The entire journey of Pluto thru my fourth also, involved the love of my life dying in a bad accident, so that caused me to move, but, when I looked back at when Pluto first entered my 4th was back around 1999 when my husband and I bought our first home. Anyhow, I just counted that since pluto entered my 4th until now, I have moved like 10 times, and I AM MOVING AGAIN :( And the pathetic thing, is in a few months Saturn will be entering my 4th house. I am SO tired of moving, all I want is HOME, with a nice little garden, in quiet setting, and just want to get on with my life, without "home and real estate issues" being the main theme. I could relate to the authors post. I have Pluto conjunct my NN in my 12th house, I also believe where Pluto is nataly and how that is aspected, has a great deal to do with how it manifests as it travels through the houses. Great article, perfect depiction of Pluto thru the 4th house. Sadly, I will say, after all I have been thru and then, just reading the article, I feel like for the rest of my life I will be like Dorothy just always clicking my heels, saying "there is no place like home" :(

Nancy Whitehead said...

Ever since Pluto came in to Capricorn i have moved so many times i can not even count them or remember them now. I do remember that i moved four times within six months during one period of time. Now i have recently met my 22 years younger soul mate a 55 year old widow with a 13 yr old daughter and he must travel often for his business and of course he is once again Foriegn born men i always seem to attract with my natal Venus in Sagittarius trine Saturn in the 7th and Pluto in the 11th and of course he expects marriage at my 78th Scorpio years come late October.Currently i am in Quebec, He is in England and me wanting to return home to Michigan we are now scheduled to make the two moves I have not yet told my two sons who are both in their 50's and he said to wait we will tell them together, I am almost terrified about how the Scorpio son will take this news he will have a 13 yr old step sister soon I do not worry about the Gemini son with whom i have two grandchildren Even my grandkids will say fine to this because they have seen it all by now between their own parents.lol I must admit it is me who had the age hang up not him. He does not seem to mind at all but he is an Aquarius and my natal Jupiter sits there with his Sun and Moon on top of it plus his Saturn and Jupiter sit on my fourth house moon. Right now he is in the far east and i am still in Canada although American the Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto are sitting right on top of my Mid heaven IC and will be there until 2017.. Fun eh? To say it has gotten interesting would be wonderful but intense is a much better word. lol Mercury and Pluto make their station on Monday and i can hardly wait did i mention the Wi Fi is not working well at his hotel??But that double duo are trining my natal Neptune and my natal Uranus in the 12th and the 8th...I must admit as he will also we cannot stay apart but he handles these extremes much better then i do I guess it is the Aquarian influences. My passionate Scorpio influences are difficult to deal with at times..I can hardly wait to see what Pluto has for us next..lol

Anonymous said...

June 09, 2017. My ascendant is 18 Libra. My moon is 18 Scorpio. Transiting Pluto is now conjunct my 4th house. For the last 2 years, I have bounced around from one temporary dwelling to another. Yet, I have things to finish here in my beloved California before I settle into a new life. I've known nothing else for the last 53 years, though I've changed my lifestyle and occupation a few times. Yet, I have miles to go before I sleep. Transiting Saturn will finish me off in a year or two. I'm ready to make the trek back, though it may not be my New England roots. Just give me time to pack my bags, I pray. And miles to go before I sleep.