Monday, July 1, 2013

Zodiac symbols are the key to charts

Just a point: learn the glyphs. That's a must, but it's a language of symbols and personalities, see? The zodiac signs go in order--and their qualities are found in the same pattern of the houses and their meanings. Learn a sign and you know that house quality. Again, this is an educational statement for anyone who wants to learn to read charts: just learn the symbols first. 

The Ram's Horns, the Bull's Horns, the Twin Brothers, the Crab's Claws, the Lion's Mane, the Woman sitting, the Scales of Balance, the Scorpion's Stinger, the Centaur-Archer's Arrow and Bow, the Goat-Fish with a tail, the Electric Awareness of the Universe, and Two Fish.

The planets are unique too: the Cup of Jupiter's Fortune, Saturn's Scythe that cuts back on our energy; Mars's erection and Venus's Hand Mirror. Uranus is both the electric antenna of Universal Knowledge and the 'H' for its founder, Herschel. Neptune's trident, the Sun is the Center of your world, and Mercury has a winged hat. (Pluto is the Circle of Eternity in the Material World.) The key asteroids are featured here too, and Chiron, the Key to Personal Healing. The planet Earth, although not used, is the Cross of Matter inside the Circle of Life.

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