Monday, August 12, 2013

Aspects Part II: Mixing & Matching Planetary Effort

   Arcs:  The Energy Interaction of Signs
6 +/- degrees of REAL separation!

Cooperation & Adjustment

Frustration & Resistance

Resolution Management of Life Crises

 Aspects represent the dynamics of cooperation or resistance between planets; a kind of dance between two distributors of energy. With some aspect patterns, the relationship is fluid, vibrant, resourceful, and collaborative; in other cases, it's a duel between (and among) disgruntled participants.  (Aspects can work in pairs, trios, or even quads.)

Which planets are matched and how this is determined is done through the geometry of astrology, keeping in mind a specific range of contact called "arcs." An arc is like an individual's arm span: as far as he or she can reach, that's within their arc of contact. Some objects may be closer or just at fingertip range; this also is a condition of the arc and aspect formed.  It's an emotional-psychological-intellectual-physical bonding with another planet's energies.

 (A more involved but advanced option is to consider whether the mathematical aspects between two planets are approaching: like two magnets attracting each other--or separating: losing their attraction and drifting apart. If applying, the soul's experience is to LEARN this circumstance; if separating, the soul has already learned this dynamic and is getting a refresher class.)

(Author's note): I prefer the five major "hard" ones most commonly used--the conjunction, square, opposition, trine. No, I think the sextile is too mushy. I do use one minor: the quincunx. It's a minor aspect but it's not easily managed in behavior because it's too irritating to ignore and quite obvious.) 

Each arc/aspect has its own range of mathematical reach for contact with another planet's potential dynamics; if either is beyond the specific range of encounter specified for an aspect, then neither are engaged. That "extended reach forward-&-backward for contact to other planets gives valuable clues about behavior and choices made. 

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