Thursday, August 22, 2013

Astrological-Social Archetypes: Role Models of society

Like the Caped Crusader, there are a variety of archetypes (social role models) found within literature--and psychological astrology. Carl Jung used the concept of archetypes to identity these role models through mythology as examples of the life patterns that the zodiac signs personify.  Note that there are male and female archetypes.  To me, Batman is a Scorpio type of role model: fighting the Underworld figures by using the dark of night and a cave as his hide-out/power.


Seductive Muse (Aphrodite): Scarlett O'Hara and Emma Bovary

Femme Fatale (villainous Aphrodite): Cleopatra

Amazon (Artemis): Jo March (and Rose Dawson - Kate Winslet, Titanic)

Gorgon (villainous Artemis): Nikita

Father's Daughter (Athena): Queen Elizabeth I

Backstabber (villainous Athena): Lady Macbeth

Nurturer (Demeter): Mary Poppins, Meg March (Little Women)

Over-controlling Mother (villainous Demeter): Nurse in Romeo & Juliet

Matriarch (Hera): Monica from Friends
Scorned Woman/Wife (villainous Hera; Lilith): Mrs. Bennett (of Pride & Prejudice)

Mystic (Hestia): Phoebe from Friends
Betrayer (villainous Hestia): Blanche duBois ("A Streetcar named Desire")

Female Messiah (Isis): Monica from Touched by an Angel, Lady of the Lake in Arthurian Legends

Destroyer (villainous Isis): Erin Brockovich (movie)

Maiden (Persephone): Rachel from Friends, Juliet from Romeo and Juliet

Troubled Teen (Persephone): Ophelia from Hamlet 


Businessman (Apollo): Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice, Jerry Maguire

Traitor (villainous Apollo): Macon Leary

Protector (Ares): Lancelot from Arthurian Legends, Romeo from Romeo & Juliet
Gladiator (villainous Ares): Thor, Atretes from Francine River's Mark of the Lion series

Recluse (Hades):  Quasimodo, Beast from Beauty & the Beast
Warlock (villainous Hades):  Dr. Jekyll

Fool (Hermes): Joey from Friends; Austin Powers; Howard, Raj, and Leonard from Big Bang Theory.

Derelict (villainous Hermes): the Fool in King Lear

The Woman's Man (Dionysus): Nick Marshall in What Women Want, Will Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love, Jack Dawson in Titanic
Seducer (villainous Dionysus):  John Willoughby from Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen

Male Messiah (Osiris): Luke Skywalker, Martin Luther King, Ghandi

Punisher (villainous Osiris): Malcolm X

Artist (Poseidon):  Jack from Will & Grace, J.D. (Brad Pitt) in Thelma & Louise

Abuser (villainous Poseidon): Dr. Zhivago

King (Zeus): Ricky Ricardo (I Love Lucy), King Arthur, Julius Caesar, Tony Soprano Sr. from The Sopranos

Dictator (villainous Zeus): Captain Kidd, King Lear

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