Friday, August 16, 2013

Taking a Train Ride with the Planets

Here, the planets (and the Sun and Moon) serve as the staff and accessories of a train trip to...your destination in Life.

Sun: The type of train you’re riding on: passenger, working, or other. Obviously, you want to get somewhere by being someone, yes?

Moon: The reason you’re on the ride--where you’re going and what you want on the journey.  We supply what you need--including a full moon for your viewing at night.  An eclipse may or may not be available, depending on departure and destination.

Mercury: the conductor who gives and approves the passes; also, the communication and information about the train, including tickets and fees.

Venus:  the dining/sleeping cars.  Comfort is always part of the service--and don't forget to thank the porter!
We provide a cuisine to match your taste--and check out the dessert specials!

Mars: The locomotive.  Bullet train, if you wish. Faster, stronger, better.

Jupiter: the amenities onboard--as you can see, we strive for luxury for the best!

Saturn:  schedules, routines, and responsibilities of the staff. Promptness is a business, you know.

Uranus: the entertainment--and excitement of the unusual. Viva la difference. Why, Agatha Christie was onboard the other day with Monsieur Poirot...on film, that is.

Neptune:  travelers on pilgrimages--we do travel to India, of course, as well as the Holy Land...and Tibet as well.

Pluto: the fuel that runs the locomotive.  Coal is so...out of fashion--and, well...nuclear power just has

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