Monday, September 9, 2013

Astrological Poetry Part II

For those moments when I'm thinking of things astrological but not looking at charts, I sometimes find my fingers working on a keyboard without my control--sort of automatic writing--which is part of being a medium. No, not the size; a "medium," or someone who can communicate with souls who have died. That goes along with my 8th house Sun in Aries. In this case, the second poem flew right out of me without pause--and I realized the identity of the receiver and myself as well. Bonus points if you can guess who's who.  

(She had posted a personals ad on Yahoo!—and I was interested.  I could tell from her information she was also an Aries—but I didn’t know her birthdate—which I could use as an astrologer to immediately give me more knowledge of her qualities.  I used the topics she included to successfully narrow it down within two days. 
She also refused a second date.)

"An Astrologer's Plea"

Upon this Earth
Thy day of birth
Was ascribed to thee.
Would’st  thou mind
And be so kind
To render such to me?
I know it not;
There is no plot,
And thus I say by letter.
Would you do so
And help me know
To understand you better?
The real key
Which I can’t see
Becomes the exact time.
And so on wings
Of written things
I say these words in rhyme

And then there was the girl who wanted to learn astrology:

"Star Light, in sight" (for Alix Bogart)

In a time quite long ago
You were one who yearned to know
The secrets of the Universe
A person who was sometimes terse.
With someone else who loved to ponder
Things that happened here and yonder.
Both of us would wonder why
Things occurred up in the sky.
And further out; we tried to see
Splendid things that seem to be
Hidden from the average soul
To learn them all became our goal.
I was one who had intentions
Make good use: my mind’s inventions.
You would read and contemplate;
Between us two, we did debate.
Others thoughts in ancient Greek
We scientists did learn to speak.
Powdered wigs upon our head
We challenged what each other said.
You have returned; I’m glad to see
Your name, I think is known to me.
But who I was, I’ll let you guess,
But worry not, nor feel duress.
I told you then of what I know
And now I see ingrained to show.
You did not know the thoughts I shared
But I am glad to see you cared.
Enough to wish to learn them now
I’m back again; I’ll show you how.
But be of cheer; you made your claim
And what you found has kept your name.
It does appear: it seems to burn
Samuel Clemens: he did learn
That when it came to see his birth
He knew his time allowed on Earth.
So solve this riddle and you’ll see
Identities: both you and me.
The Guiding Stars will tell the clue
The hint of what I said to you:
“I studied it (our tempers hot);
I know it, Sir, but you do not.”

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