Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Magi astrology synastry & Chiron's Key to Love, Romance, & Prosperity

The Magi astrology system of Love, Romance, Success, Prosperity, Longevity in relationships and marriage, and Happiness Together:
Synastry techniques

 Chiron represents the kind of person we want in a committed relationship, and also our outcome for family, children, and happiness in a partnership or marriage setting. This is the key focal point. Juno is about sexuality and commitment; She represents the Ideal Life Partner quality that we seek and what we offer in return.

The Magi system uses very narrow arcs of aspect from the major planets to/from Chiron, the Master Comet. Magi Planets are the basic 9 (with Pluto) ONLY; no asteroids, odd features, or new arrivals welcome.

Tight aspects are the key: 3 degrees for squares & oppositions (challenges), and conjunctions and trines (opportunities), and also the inconjunct/quincunx. Remember that squares and oppositions are flat-out “No!” indicators because they’re stressful. However, the quincunx, even though it’s an irritation, is also an enticement! (One exception: if it’s formed from Saturn—then it’s a more severe “No!” In fact, Saturn challenges are the worst, although the opportunities are neutral.) And no: sextiles are not acceptable in the Magi system.

Once again: it’s the conjunction & trine vs. the square and opposition, and the quincunx USUALLY supports a positive outcome (unless Saturn is the planet of contact with Chiron). Trines and conjunctions (and the odd inconjuncts, excepting Saturn, as noted) from the major planets to Chiron are joyful, harmonious, and promising: love, marriage, family, success, acclaim, adventure, bonding, and more.

Challenges from the Sun are about Trust; Challenges from the Moon involve emotional attachments and past-life memories; Mercury challenges are about communications and exchanges of ideas and views; Venus challenges are "The Impossible Dream" that we can't let go; Mars conflicts involve tempers. anger management, and a lack of emotional sensitivity.

Jupiter challenges are actually reasonable in Magi astrology--it's not bad, but it's not necessarily a boost. Saturn challenges are dead-ends: effort is futile and a potential ultimate disaster if pursued. Uranus conflicts are explosive: the family and friends circles know there's a problem, and they often are outspoken about the toll it takes on you. Neptune conflicts seem wonderful at first, and then fade away into dissatisfaction and departure. Pluto challenges start strong with a powerful attraction, then deteriorate at a rapid pace. Control and power are issues here.
Chiron and the Sun’s Self-Identity and Soul Purpose: This is a positive outcome. It’s a Linkage (success): a special one that usually creates mutual trust, especially on the part of the Chiron person. For that reason, this is called the Linkage of Trust. Another result is great ease when the linked persons are in physical proximity, or even just conversing on the phone. Linked persons view each other as confidants, a part of the family, and long-term partners. The Higher level of Trust also means they need to be aware of each other’s faults and be honest about it.

Chiron and the Moon’s Emotional Intuition: A Chiron-Moon harmonious energy flow creates the intuitive feeling of having known another person in a previous life—often a sign of “love at first sight,” especially for the Chiron person.

Chiron and Mercury’s Communications Network:
Positive energy patterns are excellent for improving the ability (and desire) for two people to be able to effortlessly communicate with each other and have mutual intuitive understanding. It is a very beneficial connection, especially for the woman in the relationship, as females are naturally more aware of needing to talk over matters. In this case, it raises intuitive possibilities and the ability to “read each other’s minds” in a useful manner.

Chiron and Venus, the Bringer of Love, Pleasure, and Beauty/Enjoyment: This is a Magical Linkage, and a Golden Linkage for Success, and is singularly the most powerful and beneficial linkage that two persons can have. It is also a Romance Linkage and a Cinderella Linkage. It brings Combined Destinies, the uniting of futures, becoming one family, money as partners, joining forces, a lifelong relationship, and a charismatic relationship. If this is formed with someone, chances are very high that each will help the other. This linkage greatly improves the chances of marriage with the linked person. This is the strongest of all linkages and helps form enduring bonds. It has almost mystical influences and seems to help the linked persons in anything they do as a pair.

Chiron and Mars, the Male Energy Polarity: This is a strong sexual generator for the man in a relationship, but a woman will want a family with the man who brings this power to her life. In terms of attraction that leads to marriage, the Chiron-Mars connection often creates a level of attraction that is impossible to ignore. It is the one and only Marital Sexual factor where the man will often marry the linked woman.

Chiron and Jupiter, the Bringer of Fortune & Opportunities: This is a 3-way joyfully energetic and positive energy pattern when found in harmonious conditions; it brings Romance, Financial and Material Gain, and a Cinderella-Fantasy. Aside from the Venus-Chiron linkage, it is the most beneficial and powerful energy source that can be found: combined super success, a blessed marriage and relationship, a fortunate family, success as partners, and mutual prosperity by association with each other—“the treasure at the end of the rainbow.”

Chiron and Saturn, the Taskmaster of Life Lessons: This creates a very strong bond; usually the Saturn soul has a high level of control and discipline over the destiny of the Chiron person, and thereby has the upper hand in the overall relationship. It is neither negative nor positive regarding outcomes. Marriage between two people with this linkage is possible if there are also Romantic connections in the Magi system (Venus, Jupiter, or Neptune with Chiron).

Chiron and Uranus, the Surprising and Unexpected: This linkage is powerful in providing mutual respect and combined public acclaim and success. It brings a famous and charismatic partnership or career, and mutually magnified success.

Chiron and Neptune, the Mystical-Fantasy Figure: The harmonious energy patterns are a Lifetime Linkage and a Cinderella Linkage. This is also one of the connections that creates very lasting relationships. It is also a Romantic Linkage and the third most common connection among married couples. It brings a lifetime of togetherness, a lasting role as a member of the family, security in the family bonding and family life, and long-term security through marriage and children.

Chiron and Pluto, the Powerhouse of Personal Change: This is a Financial Linkage of Gain and Prosperity, a combined union of power and success, a prosperous and powerful partnership or marriage, noteworthy affluence, and compelling and effective family ties and emotional relationships. 


janie Borth said...

Fantastic write up... thanks for the share of information. <3

Anonymous said...

What happens to Chiron conjunction to a love planet like Venus when natally, Chiron is challenged by Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. Many generations of people had Uranus, Neptune and/or Pluto oppose Chiron so wouldn't that have affected Chiron's ability to provide all the wonderful stuf Magi astrology says?

For instance, someone has Chiron conjuncts someone else's Venus. If natally the Chiron is opposed or squared by Uranus or Neptune, then these planets make stressful aspects to the other person's Venus and will negate Chiron's beneficial effects.

What are your thoughts? Thanks,

Mitch Lopate said...

Your point is well taken, but I would say (and I think the Magi Society agrees) that a significant transiting planet (Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, or Chiron itself) that offers a harmonious aspect would soften or possibly help resolve (especially if it's Chiron by transit) those difficult natal aspects.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mitch for your quick reply.
I do see transit influence as temporary. The problem is what happens when the transit is over? Those planets go back to doing their square/opposition dance and the issue remains...

I think that was one of the most daunting issues i had with Chiron, especially regarding the generations of people I mentioned. I can see it in my own life how Uranus and Neptune have crippled my Chiron.

Mitch Lopate said...

Mmm. Again I agree with your view that certain generations show significant patterns that can be catalogued--but I think you've missed a key issue. That is simply the nature of the transit itself: the individual has the power and capacity to rise above the lesson, much like we do with hard natal aspects. Anyone has as much potential to find maturity and character development from a tough transit as much as they can easily just cave in and struggle when such an activity occurs. I think this is the lesson for our respective generations: yes, this is a broad across-the-board challenge for each new group, but how each generation responds by individual effort is what makes the difference.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I really appreciated your feedback, Mitch. Thank you for sharing your insight on this.

Anonymous said...

Magi astrology is real. Without knowing it, the Chiron-Jupiter-Venus conjunction is at work in my life. After studying astrology for years, I can say that magi principles work more than most and with high accuracy even without awareness for people involved. Truly, the stars and the planets are at work here.

Anonymous said...

Magi astrology works to a very high level of precision. Nothing stands in its way. I have seen it and I'm a very skeptic intuitive astrologer. I almost want to believe that learning the principles of magi astrology is a necessary lifeskill for any individual.

KA said...

What would the meaning of the following aspect be:
6th house Virgo Chiron trine 6th House Taurus Chiron (conjunct Moon and Vesta)?
Was searching for an interpretation to help me better understand but no luck.
Thanks in advance.K

Linnea McHugh said...

Hi Mitch, my chart ruler, Mercury in Pisces at 18 degrees, is conjunct my beloveds Chiron. What would this mean?