Monday, October 7, 2013

Venus in Sagittarius: Love in the Right Places and Open Spaces

When Venus prepares to make Her grand entrance into Sagittarius, we can expect more "Jupiterian" opportunities for love: perhaps some personal growth in our relationships and partnerships, or something (or someone) who brings "higher Truths and Wisdom" to our eyes (and senses). Because Venus Herself said "I do what with whom I want," we could also expect that a partner may say "I'd like to be more expansive and indulgent with myself in some pleasurable way." (Your imagination does not need suggestions if you have a swinging lifestyle already.)

Where would one find Venus in Sagittarius (aside from the bedroom)? Perhaps love or just enjoying social connections or making new ones in places like universities, colleges, religious retreats, ashrams, houses of worship, in legal studies or advisement, at the casino (Sagittarius likes to bet big--see you at the baccarat table, Mr. Bond, or at the Las Vegas Million-Dollar Poker stakes); publishing that steamy romance novel that you've always known is more autobiographical than you want to admit until now.

Or...because Sagittarius is the sign of the Centaur, perhaps you may consider looking for love at the horse races, or even (if you're in the right crowd) at the polo matches. Since running is also a Sagittarian sport, perhaps the track & field events or even at the cricket matches. 

Oh. One last thing: since our Venus-in-Sagittarius theme is Lady Godiva, a suggestion: if you ARE looking for love in an equestrian environment, may I suggest that proper attire be the rule? Saddle up, I say, and ride--perhaps (cough) reverse-cowgirl-style?!

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