Monday, November 4, 2013

Venus in Capricorn: Love is a Working Relationship built by effort (or money)

With Venus in Capricorn, you can plan (a key word) for hard work, effort, persistence, and purpose to achieve a Relationship Worth Keeping. Venus is interested in either love or money, and if one comes with the other, so much the better. If you're hoping to win over someone who is looking for wealth and happiness in one package (and you qualify), now is your time.

    Often considered a cold placement, Venus here does have a practical side: there is the ability to repress emotions and feelings, but this can also be warmed up quite nicely in a romantic endeavor. And that's the difference when Venus transits through Capricorn: this is a time to win over personal and professional connections and show some business thinking. It's an excellent time to purchase items that have high value and historical legacy. 

    An excellent place to meet your special new love while Venus is in Capricorn: the corporate area (if you're allowed to mingle and not upset the human resources office). Also consider the ski slopes, or on a hiking tour: Venus in Capricorn will be at the high peaks looking for love. 

And just in case you're inclined or partial to the country, look for a farm girl who is wholesome, sincere, sweet, industrious, and good with animals. She's also a Venus in Capricorn type and attuned to Venus in an earthy way--and very well at home running things alongside you. 

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