Saturday, December 7, 2013

Venus in Capricorn: Love of Tangible Existence and the Existence of Love

This is about the strongest force in Universal Awareness--but brought down to a micro level. We all think about Divine Inspiration with many special deified names according to our faith. That's fine as a concept; it's the foundation of this essay.

Because I want to use that concept as a baseline; I want it to be the framework. And I want to then juxtapose that idea into an astrological term: Venus in Capricorn. 

We have all heard about Love from our earliest days when we began to comprehend words. It was one of the most-often repeated phrases in our young lives, and it has been a powerful base of function thereafter. But what is Love on a Micro level?

The answer is Gravity: the very binding force of Nature that draws together two objects to each other. In the micro world, this is represented by the most basic pairing of atoms: two in a terrific force of attraction to each other. This is gravity: the sensational pull of two; one for each other. This is also the micro representation of Love: two atoms bound to each other. Gravity is Love in its smallest form on a planetary level. On a human level, we experience it as romantic love, but it's also biological too. (Carbon-based life form, high density, low spirituality level.)

On an astrological level, this is the highest level of Venus in Capricorn: a Love that Endures, Persists, Builds, Creates, Manifests, and Establishes a precedence of Existence. “By My Existence and Force of Power, I Attract a Likeness to Me,” says Venus in Capricorn. “I Must Create a Legacy” by complimentary energy and nature; I must draw to me that which is harmonious in structure to my own reality and existence in order to be the bedrock starting point of Life: like two atoms drawn together.
This is the beauty of Venus in Capricorn: a determined effort to draw and create an energy force of “Like Attracts Like” with magnetic power; the smallest vibration of union that is both a blend but also a separate measure together-but-apart: two atoms, both independent but joined, and not fused.

 (Fusion is nuclear; that is what creates chemical patterns of potential life.) Venus in Capricorn, representing the building blocks of gravity as an explanation for the attraction of atomic particles to each other as a means of physical manifestation in lower dimensional structures of life-form existence, is purely represented in its strongest and basic concept as Love of Tangible Existence: Venus in Capricorn, as was, as will always be.

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