Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mercury Retrograde: Lost Information & time for personal reflection

About four times a year, a 4-6 week occurrence happens in when Mercury goes retrograde: all types of communication go 'unsteady.' It is often observed that papers are misplaced, documents and important transactions are not processed as planned, people often complain that they can't focus or think clearly, appointments are canceled or postponed, hiring decisions are delayed, or other matters of sharing information are cast adrift until that point when Mercury once again regains its position as leader and overtakes the Earth in its orbit. Travel plans go astray more so during a Mercury retro because Mercury rules short trips. 

What's a retrograde? A retrograde indicates an internalization process; influences and actions that would be energized for the planet(s) that are in a retro cycle are slower to manifest:  they are more ‘inside than outside’ and take longer to complete, comprehend, or activate. As a physical happening, this is when the Earth overtakes the other planet in our respective orbits around the Sun (*the other planets also go “retro”; the only one that doesn’t is the Moon)--and it appears that the slower moving one is going 'backwards.' We have all see this while driving on the highway or in trains: the landscape (or vehicle overtaken) looks to be going in reverse.  Of course, that does not really happen, but the optical illusion is there.  Mercury is the fastest moving planet that we know of in its orbit around the Sun: it takes approximately 88 days.

In astrological terms, Mercury represents our capacity to communicate and think, thereby "ruling" (or 'sponsoring') all types of mental activities and delivery of thoughts: written and verbal, as well as contracts, signings of such, and the industries that provide these services (phones, computers, electronics). Which signs get zinged the most? Well, Gemini and Virgo, because they're ruled by Mercury. Not that they're exclusive, but they seem to feel it sooner. The same for Gemini and Virgo moon signs and ascendants.

Has this any good potential--aside from feeling that one has lost his or her mind for a temporary period of time or that it's not appropriate to sign that important paper? Yes: some people find they can actually focus more clearly on a single idea during Mercury retrograde. Some writers (myself included) and people who may be considered hyperactive or ADD may find they can actually do more work on a regimented schedule during a Mercury retrograde. I have found some of my better writing efforts have come during a time frame like this. 

Also, matters that went wrong before but have better potential now for a renewal or second chance may find results during a Mercury retrograde. Sales, "meeting someone again" for the second time to repair or join again in a reunion often works better because it's a "we've done this before" awareness that allows for the subconscious self to blend mind and emotion without trying to out-think the idea on a conscious level. 

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