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Aries, the Sign of the first day of Spring and Motivation

 (Just a note:  not ALL the classic social role models ("archetypes") will fit the sign's characteristics--but these are good examples of people who outwardly express the qualities of the sign.)

Aries:  Mar 21-Apr 19
"I Am What I Am"

The birth sign Aries heralds the start of Spring, and the beginning of new life. Arian natives are characteristic of the growth that signals the new season: they are dynamically active to open up new endeavors and experiences, much as nature emerges from winter's sleep with a burst of vitality. Arians are so boundless in their expression to release their energies, they sometimes lose sight of the goal they sought to accomplish. Therefore, it would be better if an Aries learned to complete the task at hand, before bursting out aggressively to the next idea!

Arians are fiercely independent for their causes and desire to conquer new territories. The Arian temper is legendary for its volcanic explosions at the slightest challenge, but it burns out quickly and all is forgiven moments later. Arians are noted for both physical strength and endurance, which also translates into sexual energy. Their desire to bring forth new avenues in all aspects of life carries into pursuit of the opposite sex.

Arians have a child-like, innocent quality to their actions; foolish, impulsive decisions without planning and courageous life-threatening heroics are typical. They are certainly accident-prone. Their greatest fear is to be rejected by someone or to be confronted by a potential weakness. Due to the warrior nature of Aries' namesake, the Greek god of War, Ares, military service and the affinity for firearms and sharp objects have an Arian appeal. Aries is the sign of the soldier, and sports often provide the release for the need to physically overpower an "opponent."

Aries is the sign of the ego, the need to learn life's lessons the hard way, through repeated, patient example, until deliberation and preparation of their exuberance can be better directed.  There are two types of Aries:  the "Mars" type which looks for fights or causes and must be constantly engaged in some kind of conflict, or the "Sun" type, which is the Exalted role of Aries.  This role brings more motivation and inspiration to projects (or individuals with whom the soul connects): "the Peaceful Warrior."

Control, comprehension and completion are three important milestones in an Arian's life. When they are mastered, the dynamic regenerative ability, spiritual self-confidence and willpower are harnessed, and the creative activities become more divinely inspired.

Masculine Principle: Potency
(Mars)  Physical -Sexual Energy
Aggression – Anger - Drive - Assertion
Soldier – Warrior - Amazon   
The Don Juan - Woman Chaser 
The Pioneer - Daredevil

Sly Stallone
Warren Beatty 
Vin Diesel
Bruce Willis
Extreme Sports
Amelia Earhardt
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Evel Knievel

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