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Transits & Progressions: Your Life's Personal Bed and Breakfast Visitors

Guess Who’s Come for a Visit?
Why, it's the Transits & Progressions!!

This refers to the counter-clockwise movement of the planets under current cycles against the natural background of your chart. Let’s think of it as your personal "Cosmic Bed & Breakfast."

In personal terms, think of as many as 16* visitors (*with the asteroids, Chiron, and Lilith) “visiting” your home (Life) and the respective houses (wedges) in your chart, depending on the sign on the cusp (sort of a doorman, eh?). Each “guest” receives a different "room" to stay in for their time of residence, depending on their schedule—and each house/wedge is a realm of activity that is activated or emphasized. Preparations need to be made for each “visitor,” in that you either gain “rent-income” for their visit (a positive opportunity phase) or a lesson to be learned and mastered (a frustrating or stressful time—or ultimately a growth process)--in how you choose to handle it).

Each planet-guest receives a measure of comfort—or discomfort—depending on any previous occupants by design from the birth chart. In other words, when a transiting planet “arrives” at a wedge on your chart, it stays for its respective term—like being on a vacation. However, it might be asked to ‘share’ accommodations with any planets that naturally reside there by natural residence on your chart.

So now you’ve got a ‘visitor’ to a particular area of life experience—and depending on how they generate energy, your ‘guest’ may be comfortable—or irritable. Either way, there are lessons to be experienced and learned; “activated” is another term. The “guest” planet(s) will also interact with the natural outlay of planets from the birth chart—so your “guests” may or may not be pleased at the circumstances—hence, the “learning” process in how we choose to adapt and make them “at home.”

The *planets in their transits repeat themselves in timely cycles: Mars moves around the chart every two years; Saturn takes @ 2.5 years; Jupiter visits in a 12-year phase; Uranus has a 7-year cycle; Neptune works its illusions and dissolving trends for @13 years; Pluto may vary between 12-31 years, depending on its unusual orbit. The Sun, although it is the center of our solar system, is also considered to “move” in the chart, as does the Moon. The Sun will naturally follow the 12-month zodiac, and the Moon will change every 2.5+/- days.

I don’t usually emphasize Venus or Mercury because they are more ‘social’ in nature, rather than having long-term significance or emphasis. (They're easier to accommodate.) Nothing like Pluto staying for years at a time--and there's always some sort of unplanned renovation going on when it visits!...and just about everyone is glad to see Saturn leave too because there's SO much work that has to be done while it stays! The door is always open for Jupiter because it usually brings fortune and opportunity. Mars...tends to be a bit upsetting: anything from literally burning down the house to knocking down the walls to build that new exercise room. Uranus...well, you never can tell what will happen--but prepare for the unexpected. And Neptune...never sure if Neptune is EVER going to make an appearance!)


Whereas transits are the current Life Activity events, progressions are more about the Soul's Evolutionary Progress as experienced by the advancement of the planets through the signs over a lifetime. I call progressions "The Butterfly Emerging from the Cocoon" phases of Life.

The primary points & planets that I recommend are the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. They each change signs over specific periods of time, especially the Sun (1 degree per year from the starting degree marker of birth; 30 degrees total) and the Moon (1 degree per month). For example, I was born 24 degrees Aries; at 6 years old, I "evolved" into Taurus. My birth Sun remains the same; I then experienced 30 years of a two-way lesson of Soul Identity as an Aries-Taurus. At age 36, I became a Gemini, and will continue until age 66, when I become a Cancer-Crab.

The Moon also advances in this way each month at one degree, and is very useful to examine trends in social activity, encounters with the public-at-large, and relationship patterns. The other planets also move, especially the inner ones, but I do not use them as frequently unless they reach critical degree points.

Here's another way of viewing it:

· When the Progressed Sun Changes Sign: Depending on how long a person lives, the progressed Sun changes sign perhaps 3 times in the entire life span. The period when the progressed Sun is very late in a sign and is about to change to a new sign (this occurs for about a year) is often a rather critical year in which many changes occur. When the progressed Sun changes signs, there is usually a very clear change in a person's general orientation and responses to his or her environment. Plenty of real-life events are possible (such as relocation, a new job in a new field, etc.), but the common theme is starting fresh—"out with the old and in with the new"—and a marked change in the outlook and attitudes of an individual. Before the progressed Sun changes signs, there can be some fear and dread—even a feeling that things are being "taken" from us. Hasty and poor decisions and a sense of urgency can be characteristic of this period.

· The Progressed Moon — Cycle of Maturity: The progressed Moon moves through the houses of our natal chart, coming full circle in about 27-28 years. The house it is moving through represents areas of our life that come into focus. We recognize our needs in these areas more intensely, although not necessarily clearly. For example, the progressed Moon moving through the 4th house often brings with it a strong need and search for "roots" and basic life definition. Even though our natal Moon sign "reigns" over our emotional needs in a general sense, our focus shifts as the progressed Moon passes through our houses.

In fact, our emotional needs seem to change or shift as the house position changes. The sign of your Progressed Moon indicates the prevailing emotional attitude of that period of time. Also note that if you look into your past and determine when the progressed Moon passed over any one of the four angles in your chart (that is, the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, and IC) you will see that these progressions/passages often mark rather significant times in your life. Also significant is the progression of the Moon to critical degrees, as well as Progressed Moon in aspect to natal planets and points.

· The Progressed Lunation Cycle: This is the cycle from one progressed New Moon to the next (every 27-28 years). Look to the phase of the progressed Sun and progressed Moon. During the progressed New Moon phase, individuals instinctively start a new phase or chapter in their lives. The Crescent phase brings about new challenges and opportunities, as well as adjustments, that don't always feel pleasant, to the new cycle as a purpose is not entirely clear at this point in the cycle.

The First Quarter phase represents a particularly active, building stage, while the Gibbous stage presents a time of refining and fine-tuning. This makes way for the Full Moon phase, which is a time of fruition and accomplishment. This marks the beginning of the progressed waning moon phase, when some things dissolve and one begins to recognize the need to let go. 

The Disseminating phase is a time of sharing and literally "disseminating" that which has been learned in the waxing phase of the moon. The next phase, the Third Quarter Moon phase, marks a time of one's life when there lies some discontent and dissatisfaction with the way one has been approaching life. This can be a somewhat confusing time, as one instinctively prepares for the final stage of the waning Moon: the Balsamic phase. During this phase, old systems begin to phase out, and there may be a desire for withdrawal and reflection.

· Progressed Planets Conjuncting an Angle of the Natal Chart or Progressed Angles Conjuncting a Natal Planet or Point. These activations involving natal and progressed angles (the Ascendant and Midheaven) generally point to significant personal changes in the native's life.

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