Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Declinations - "As Above the Equator, So Below" in aspects

Declinations are the astrological version of "As Above, So Below." It's the North/South polarity match that uses the equator as the measuring point. This is the aspect of parallel (north of the equator and matching) or contraparallel (south of the equator but opposite). 

Most users of regular aspects with parallels and contraparallels think that the former are like conjunctions and the latter is like the opposition. However, in Magi astrology, both of these are favorable, especially when linked to Chiron. The Beatles had a pattern of interlocking parallels and contraparallels. 

P's and C's act like conjunctions. The arc of 1.5 degrees is allowed. (An example would be someone's Moon at -19 and a partner with a planet within range of +/- 18:20.) Depending on which software you use, certain charts (equatorial, for example) work for me in showing Chiron's declination.

Declinations are referred sometimes as a "second chart."

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