Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Four Major Asteroids, Lilith, and the Emerging Feminine Consciousness

The four (Ceres, Vesta, Juno, and Pallas) major asteroids represent the Emerging Feminine Consciousness of the 21st century.  They offer access to the right-brain side of creative visualization and thinking, relationships, and emotional sensitivity, as well as healing energies and overcoming painful experiences.

Ceres can be seen as one of the Earth Mother archetypes: she deals with the subject’s externalization of caring and comfort to others—in effect, how the individual, regardless of gender, “mothers” another.  Mother Theresa’s dedication to caring for the poor would be an archetype.  Ceres can also play a role in mother-daughter power struggles in a “Snow White” dynamic with the “mirror-mirror on the wall” issue of blossoming adolescence and a jealous parent. 

Vesta indicates how and what an individual will sacrifice him/herself for regarding a social or personal cause or belief; a way of giving up something in service to the community, society, or for personal growth in areas like religious retreats or isolation for spiritual growth.  Emily Dickinson’s withdrawal from responsibilities and social contact in order to dedicate herself to her poetry and writing is an example of a Vestal energy.  Another Vestal archetype would be the men who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Juno represents the bonds and commitments of marriage, fidelity, and ownership of rights within a relationship.  It shows how an individual will value and validate his/her status as a Significant Other as well as personal preferences for a mate.  The separate-but-equal identity of a woman in a man’s world is represented by the lessons of Juno.  The media struggles of Tiger Woods and his wife Elin during their break-up and divorce would easily represent this archetype. 
Pallas Athena represents the power of Creative Manifestation and acting as a spokesperson for those who need a protector, especially in gender rights issues or human rights.  The DVD series about “The Secret” is an archetype, as well as Amnesty International, and the “Peaceful Warrior.”  Pallas represents the ability to focus and stay on target for a goal, as well as manifestations of prosperity, success, and reward.  Persistence, determination, and endurance are tests that Pallas uses to teach the psyche.  Activism and participation in group or social functions that champion the underdog or defend those less capable are in this realm. 
Lilith, although not a physical celestial body, represents the destructive tendencies of the psyche to strike back when rejected or when one’s personal desires are thwarted or diverted.  As “The Al Gore 2nd Place Award” (my idea), Lilith represents the runner-up in a Life Challenge episode where the subject does not achieve a goal or objective, or feels blocked by forces or energies that cannot or will not cooperate or yield.  However, if discipline is applied or accepted, the lessons Lilith brings will bring rewards and fulfillment in another area of life or in a different manner.  In this way, Lilith has a limiting Saturn-like quality for delivering messages and challenges that are tests of the ego’s need for attention.

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