Monday, June 23, 2014

Love goes Flutterby in Social Circles with Venus in Gemini

With Venus in Gemini, intellectual and social endeavors and pursuits are more favorable—including “second-guessing” a relationship and clarifying intentions from you or a partner. Therefore, it’s a good time to socialize and work on communications skills with loved ones (and those whom you wish to pursue)—with new technologies that encourage reading and writing, expressing and directing curiosity through short-term endeavors and trips, and even classroom experiences.

However—DO expect that “two-for-one” deals are possible now in romance: Venus in Gemini brings out “duality” in others, so that “I have an alternative in case this doesn’t work out” love affairs and relationships are possible.
And a musical reminder from Gustav Holst about Gemini qualities, courtesy of Mercury.

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