Friday, June 20, 2014

Psychological Astrology and holistic healing practices

Psychological astrology (and astrology in general) has excellent opportunities for the community of holistic and natural healers.  By using astrological knowledge as an additional tool in one's respective practice with clients and patients, the potentials are diversified and expansive. 

This also extends financial options and advantages:  astrology's "right to the heart of the issue" is far better for  the healing or counseling session and making it affordable for both the practitioner and the client.  There is no need to prolong or delay valuable time:  the effective use of knowledge and energy by both parties is realized much sooner and with better results. (And this also means more income for the practitioner along with more available personal or professional time.)

Here are some enterprises where astrological knowledge can enhance and support the healing and psychological arts.  Remember: there are therapists and healers who are incorporating astrological techniques in these fields:

Massage therapy
Body movement therapies
Social work cases
Psychological counseling
Family counseling
Parenting classes
Life crisis management
Vocational guidance
Academic guidance
Animal husbandry
Gardening for healing 

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