Thursday, July 10, 2014

Relationship Techniques: Closeness or Distance? Personal, Social, or Global?

In synastry, I consider the energies of the signs as Indicators of Attraction: either it's a matched force or not. And if so, how does the sign and its qualities of Closeness or Distance (C&D) correspond with the partner? If you're matched with a "like-minded" polarity for C&D, then you should have a much better chance at a relationship. If not...prepare for struggle or rejection.

I've seen this referred to as Personal, Social, and Interpersonal as well. Again, in my synastry work, I go with a blend of this along with the planets and signs. But--I let the Magnetic Attractive Force be part of my answer. Are the two parties involved matched regarding their Levels of C&D? How are they suited as Personal, Social, or Interpersonal (Global)? (I credit this to either Stephen Arroyo or the late Richard Idemon,if my memory is correct.)

Let's try it with an astrological review of Sun and Moon energies:

Aries - Personal for sure. "It's All about Me Being Important and #1!" Closeness, but beware the need for "a new conquest!" in some Aries. It's all about being involved with someone, but it could also be someone different on an ever-rotating basis depending on availability.

Taurus - Personal. "You're Mine!" Can be overly possessive of belongings and loved ones. Closeness for sensuality. Taurus holds on tight, so if you're personal-space claustrophobic, stay away. Taurus regards partners as property, so your personal value and income count too.

Gemini - Personal. "I love a good conversation!" Enjoys closeness to share ideas; more mental than physical, please. Gemini grooves on someone to talk with/to, and the intellectual stimulation leads to emotional satisfaction (especially with a Gemini Moon too).

Cancer - Personal--big time. The Apron Strings/Smothering or Deep Attachments. Closeness is a must--and family counts too. Moonchildren love the physical touch; it's all about feeling and holding someone--and if you were small enough, you'd be cradled in the Crab's embrace.

Leo - Social. "You noticed me, of course!" Leo prefers Closeness, but it's also because they need to bask in the attention they get from being loved and sharing it too. Of COURSE Leo needs someone who says "You look great! I love you!" If it's one person or an adoring crowd, it's all glow and go with Leo.

Virgo - Social. "I hope you understand how difficult it is for me to let you see my faults if we live together--and by the way, I'll do the same to you too." One of the signs which indicates a life apart from others, partially because of the stress involved in maintaining Personal Boundaries & Private Space (and everything and everyone in neat little organized structures).

Libra - Social. The Quintessential Soul Mate-Match who rightfully needs a complimentary Partner. This is the Completion Factor at its highest level, and Closeness is an absolute cornerstone. Downfalls are co-dependency and fears of being alone.

Scorpio - Social. "It takes two people to make a baby, and society is built on births." Scorpio needs the physical release of sex and the emotional intensities too. This is more Distance than Closeness because the Scorpion wants privacy and security, and a partner could compromise it. For this reason, I think Scorpios are the best-suited-for-each-other match of the same signs. The closeness that Scorpio does desire is more for physical-sexual bonding to create deep emotional release.

Sagittarius - Interpersonal/Global. "There's so many Opportunities, including other people, so why limit myself?" Sagittarius does like commitment, but they like the Distance between themselves and partners more often. Sagittarius can find people from other cultures to be better matches.

Capricorn - Interpersonal/Global. "You're part of the Big Plan, and that includes our relationship." Money and love bring Distance or Closeness--if it's sensible, profitable, and keeps the Plan in action, then it's better. Trophy-hunters are found here, and their objects of desire too, and Sugar Daddies and Vamps.

Aquarius - Interpersonal/Global. "We're all One Big Family." Aquarius has a natural awareness of All Man & Woman Brothers and Sisters. Distance is never an issue when they're with someone who is a friend in a close-enough way that doesn't get serious. That goes for bonding and commitment choices too--just expect the aloofness and need for being with groups.

Pisces - Interpersonal/Global. "I'm Joined in Partnership with the Universe." Kind of hard for the Fish to let go; they're so tuned in on Higher Wavelengths of Love. Pisces can be extremely loyal and Close (especially if Venus in Pisces is indicated); they can also be out to sea and deep in the depths of detachment. Remember: 2 fish, going in opposite directions.

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