Monday, September 29, 2014

"All in Love is Fair and Equal," says Venus in Libra

There is refinement, sharing, appreciation, union, and cooperation to bring to a loved one, family, friends, and more when Venus slips into Libra. Most of all, this is a time for identifying, validating, and pledging oneself in a committed relationship. Of special note: Libra being the sign of Balance, there is every reason to expect more achievement and success in the same-sex marriage vote here in the U.S.
   Even though Venus in Libra is traditionally about benevolence and willingness between lovers, it can be tricky too: a strong desire to please and not be challenging; to be accepting and even yielding more than ever or before; manipulation can also be a factor if it means a victory or achieved result. 
   And it's also a time be lazy, wanting to take the easy way out or the line of least resistance. You can also be very indecisive. You may need people and find it difficult to feel comfortable in your own company.
    So what should you do? Remember that you have boundaries; you may compromise your own in a willingness of bliss, desire, or desperation. At least know that this is a time to find peace within and with each other. You may go back and fix up an old matter, or at least be more cooperative with your Significant Other. Honor that person--be aware that they are sharing their life with you--and that this is a gift. Thank your partner; spend some time showing your appreciation--and be willing to accept it from them.
   And enjoy. Venus rules Libra, so it's also about pleasure and fun with someone else.

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