Saturday, September 6, 2014

Venus in Virgo: "There is a Time and Place for Love--and it's Qualified by Specifics"

     "She/he loves me, she/he loves me not--because of the following reasons," says Venus in Virgo, and you're either on the receiving end or handing down the hard facts. This is the Goddess of Pleasure & Enjoyment in a cool, distant state of affection, with emphasis on personal boundaries and conditions: "What do you mean when {you} say 'I love you, baby'. Be more specific!"
     Venus in Virgo says,"I'll believe it when you show me--and actions speak louder than words" will make or break your romantic mood. Doubt, discernment, critiquing and second-guessing: these are some of Virgo's traits, and Venus would rather say "No thanks" rather than have to tell you that you're not meeting Her standards as a partner. Venus in Virgo will love sincerely and with earnestness, but you've got to pass a lengthy interview of qualifications. And no: sweet talk and charm doesn't make it work: there's a mental notebook of "must-have" conditions.
     On a positive note, Venus in Virgo is quite willing to do something for a social project that serves the community: helping decorate or improve a food kitchen that feeds those in need, or making sure the area of work is spotless, organized, and kept functional. A fun date for a Venus in Virgo would be at the gym--but don't expect to share the shower unless your nails are trimmed and you've brought your own soap.

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