Thursday, October 23, 2014

Venus in Scorpio: "I've Love You to Death or Die Trying."

Warning: when Venus has entered Scorpio, do NOT under-estimate the emotional danger and risks that may arise in relationships during this time, ESPECIALLY if you're a Fixed sign (Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius). 

Venus is in Her detriment (lacking awareness of the higher qualities of the planet's energy) in Scorpio: jealousy, intensity of ownership toward objects of affection and property, and desires for sexual fulfillment which may be violent if not agreeable to the selected "victim" of choice. (Also, think of a female praying mantis: if you know what she does to her mate, you'll get the idea.) Emotions and passions run extremely strong during this time--and revenge can be a bitter result in love-hate partnerships, especially if trust has been betrayed. In Greek mythology, Medea was outraged that Jason had cast her aside for another woman--and in her rage, she killed her own children. The old saying "Hell knows no fury like a scorned woman" is VERY true and possible during the transit of Venus in Scorpio! 

However, it's not all for worry with the goddess of Love in this sign: a dramatic personality may find new outlets for attention and display (with a touch of "come closer if you dare"), and occult studies and mysteries (such as an enjoyment of solving mysteries or an appreciation of forensic sciences) may be heightened. Just be sure you're not Dr. Frankenstein building a bride for your latest creation--he or she may be intent on love with a painfully dangerous twist!

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