Friday, February 27, 2015

Gene Roddenberry meets a Vulcan (revisited): farewell, Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

Astrology breaks ground in the study of the psyche by taking us figuratively beyond where no man has gone before, to add as an introduction with tongue-in-cheek.  It’s also due in part to the advances in technology (i.e., movies and television) that this is possible for us to see the role of “life beyond Earth” through the eyes of astrological analyses and chart interpretation. 

The modern era came during the mid-'60s when astrology was championed during the rise of television and movies starting with Gene Roddenberry’s gift of Star Trek.  At last:  humans and other beings living together and working too.  Mr. Spock, as portrayed by the calm aloofness of Leonard Nimoy’s Vulcan-human first officer, really opened so many people to honor their natural awareness of astrological identifications within the framework of one single character.  Not only was he cool because he knew nerve pinches that disarmed and disabled potential enemies, he possessed a mind that was lightning fast and always with the most effective answer.  He appealed to something special:  the need to be of and in service to a higher authority in command as well as a singular focus on the most direct way to gauge the odds for success or failure—and why.  I believe that we will indeed see and identify a trans-Mercurian planet close to the sun which will be named for the Roman god of the forge and Spock’s paternal home planet.  

Interestingly enough, astrology has spoken about Vulcan for some time, going back to the late 1800s.  Isabel Hickey also mentioned it in her book Astrology: A Cosmic Science, but it's my view that Roddenberry took the identity of an Advanced Virgo ascendant and made it into the logical, analytical image of the pointed-ear alien—a “Vulcan-Virgo” or "2V."  The qualities are obvious (or "logical"):  an over-fascination with accuracy and fact, and a detached insistence on maintaining a poker face because emotions show a lack of control—and reason. In an evolved storyline that may have been unintentional, the “next generation” series brought Mr. Data as an android with the same rigid structure of facts-as-law.
What is interesting here is that both men in their roles clearly represent the mental acuity and skillful cause-and-response capacities of a very adept Mercurian.  The Vulcan-Virgo is also very proud of the capacity to perform a role as a waking data base (hence Data’s name).  “Human Library” is a term I assign both personally and astrologically to the 2V.  (This does not necessarily have any impact on rulership by Mercury; that’s another topic.)

 This is of personal interest to me as well:  at my first-ever astrological reading by my future teacher, I was told that I was a 2V with the chart indicating a Virgo ascendant—and it’s been a family joke that I have pointed ears.  

(This was pushed to the test when I stretched a 1-hour astrological consultation meeting into eight hours, and then departed with two textbooks to study after being told a flat “no”—by a Scorpio!--to my insistence that I borrow them.)

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