Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Planets mean "We're Open for Business"

As I'm now teaching for a 10-month session at a major university of Finance and Economics in Nanchang, China (I have English writing and reading), my students are business-minded--but interested in astrology because I've introduced it to them. They seemed overwhelmed at the sight of a chart display, but I assured them that Chinese characters (over 4,000) are a lot harder to learn, especially since astrology only uses about 25 symbols, and they're not as complex.

So I thought "How would I explain the energies of the planets?" and came up with a business structure for them. (I've already done transportation, using a train ride, on this site.) So here's what I conceived: 

(1) The Sun: the president, and the name on the company building. The founder of the institution.
(2) The Moon: how the public-at-large feels about the company, and what is the goal/target of the company objective.
(3) Mercury: Public relations and all forms of information exchange, including hardware/software programs.
(4) Venus: Interior design and appearance of offices, including what form of architecture and how the entrance/lobby is planned.
(5) Mars: what form of physical activities are offered for employees. Is there a gym membership offered, or an on-site facility? Who takes care of the building itself: what kind of maintenance program for landscaping and interior clean-up?
(6) Jupiter: what long-range growth plans are in line, and what direction is the company taking to pursue these? How much and what is in line for bonuses, raises, promotions, and community donations?
(7) Saturn: Internal security. Who and what kind of privacy of the facility is offered, and how is it kept up? What about record-keeping/accounting?
(8) Uranus: creative development. How is research and development of new innovative ideas brought forward, and do employees have a say in this? (I'm thinking of 3M and the man who invented Post-It notes. It was his own idea.)
9) Neptune: Vacation time. What kind of package is offered for those who need to get away for a while, and is there some place on-site where employees can have a private quiet moment? Is there some form of yoga or meditation time built into the workday to enhance productivity?
10) Pluto: Recycling and trash removal. Who does the dirty work, and how "green" is the company?

Special options for the 4 major asteroids, Chiron, and the Nodes:
(1) Ceres: what programs are there for stay-at-home workers with children or day-care options?
(2) Juno: what benefits are there for spouses or partners?
(3) Vesta: does the company have a dedicated community program for charitable contributions?
(4) Pallas Athena: what community programs are endorsed or promoted by the company for those who are in need of social support/advocacy?
(5) Chiron: what mental-physical health benefits are part of the company program for employees?
(6) North-South Nodes: is this a new start-up company idea, or does it have a past history?

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