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Libra the Scales - The Balance of Relationships

(Just a note:  not ALL the classic social role models ("archetypes") will fit the sign's characteristics, but these are good examples of people who outwardly express the qualities of the sign.)

 Libra (September 23 - October 22)

"I Am Who I Complement"

Libras bring a careful blending of intellect, beauty and harmony to our world. They are generally blessed with the social skills to find the balance in their lives that other signs learn less easily. Libras strive for equality in their endeavors, believing that cooperation is a mutually rewarding enterprise. They are not aggressive initiators of activities, relying often on others to start the process, but they will establish themselves as mediators and envoys if it will bring cohesion and unity. 

Libras are particularly sensitive to the nature of relationships, and they will immerse their own assertiveness in order to calm an unpleasant scene. Marriage and partnerships are very significant factors in a Libra's life, and counseling, psychology, social and political offices often draw Libras. The political arena sometimes overwhelms the Libra need for harmony and good intention. Presidents Carter and Eisenhower suffered for their Libra indecision-making, especially during foreign and international crises.

Libra has the emphasis of Venus as a ruling planet, and Libra's have a natural flair and appreciation for the fields of art, music and decorating. They make excellent crafters of jewelry and costume design, and also architecture, as they strive to find the most pleasing visual and physical effects of comfort. Libras also find themselves as successful ambassadors to countries or as diplomatic representatives. They can show interest in the field of law as a means of exploring the balance between human and social interaction on a small-to-large scale.

Libras are easily and often wrongly considered indecisive in their relationships because of the need to find inner harmony and balance. A Libra will carefully examine options for the fairness of all. They can also set aside their own need for expressing anger to keep a truce, but when a Libra cannot hold back any longer, they follow through with an emotional outburst that can startle loved ones and even themselves. They have the ability to recall personal injustices done against them from years back, and under what circumstances they occurred.

Yet, these verbal time-delays bring out a greater need for peace within, and the Libra will easily reach out a gesture of restoration for a friendship or agreement to bring balance back to their lives.

The Balance of Relationships, Social Conduct, Grace & Etiquette
Equilibrium and Harmony    
Arts and Refinement
The Composer  
Peacemaker - Diplomat 
The Designer

Modern Bride
D. Eisenhower       
Paris of Troy
Mona Lisa   
Princess Grace

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