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Scorpio the Scorpion - Desire and Magnetic Attraction

(Just a note:  not ALL the classic social role models ("archetypes") will fit the sign's characteristics--but these are good examples of people who outwardly express the qualities of the sign.)

Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)
"I Am Who and What I Desire"

Scorpio, more than any other sign of the zodiac, possesses the greatest potential for powerful transformation of the soul. It has the combined influence of the planets Pluto and Mars, emphasizing long-term change and re-birth, as well as raw, explosive energy. Scorpio natives have the willpower and desire to see to the very end the aspirations they strive for, with a persistence that is legendary. 

A Scorpio will practically die trying without yielding their position. The lifetime of a Scorpio can be filled with tremendous peaks and valleys, as they experience the heights and depths of the challenges that they face. Scorpios must confront from within them a desire for personal will versus divine guidance. They are so intent on having their own right to govern a situation that jealousy, cruelty, and violence as a means to an end is often their first release of expression. 

Scorpio brings an intuitive understanding of the dual nature of man, as a spiritual being trapped in a flesh-and-blood vehicle on a physical level with animal-like qualities. The lower expression of our human existence often conflict in the penetrating awareness of the psyche within the Scorpio view, against the elevated heights of our origin as children of God. A typical Scorpio response when confronted is to lash out with the deadly accuracy of thought, word, or action, and no sign can better deliver a more vicious battle than Scorpio.

Scorpios are noted for their intense sexual drive, which they seem able to turn on and off at will. Scorpio rules the physical expression of reproduction, and Scorpios possess an unspoken, magnetic appeal that draws members of the opposite sex to complete this need. They are very physically intensive, and are noted for their penetrating, piercing eyes and their ability to "stare down" someone is not ignored. They are capable of generating astounding levels of energy as part of their Plutonian influence, and can be expected to regenerate themselves faster than others.

The Scorpio understandings of things hidden in both human nature and the world they live in, make them excellent workers in fields of the unexplored or occult. Detective or criminal justice, physics, archaeology, espionage, psychiatry or healing are Scorpio occupations. They have an uncanny psychic manner, in part as a watery, emotional sign, and often do not reveal what they think or know. They are very secretive in their ways, not wishing for others to know their plans, sometimes to the point of paranoia. This desire for privacy, whether for good or bad intention, carries the potential for controlling people in relationships, making Scorpios the most difficult people to truly understand, except on their own terms.

The Higher & Lower Nature of Man
Toad – Scorpion - Eagle - Phoenix*
(Pluto/Mars )  
Power & Control  
Destruction & Rebirth  
Mysteries of Life

The Detective  
The Terminator   
Sinner - Saint    
The Psychic Healer
James Bond  
Stalin - Hitler     
Billy Graham
Martin Luther 
St. Paul
Louis Pasteur 
Marie Curie 

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Anonymous said...

Having the psychological courage to face any crisis or what would scared many people and to find a way to transmute that into something constructive or a learning experience.

We reach ours highest potential as an individual who is constantly examining oneself, striving to become more aware and to transform negative habits into positive characteristics. Such people view all blockages as challenges and to some is the ultimate survivor. We will survive, no matter what it takes. Our loyalty is un-shakable and our depth of feeling is sometime frightening to others. We are people who will have a profound impact upon others, upon the world, and upon its own. We are catalysts and transformers. The highest form of Scorpio the evolved soul who is an exemplar to all of us for the best that humanity can become. An example of Martin Luther King who challenged equality and many more who make great impact and changed history.