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Cancer The Crab (Moonchild) - Emotional Sensitivity

(Just a note:  not ALL the classic social role models ("archetypes") will fit the sign's characteristics--but these are good examples of people who outwardly express the qualities of the sign.)

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
"I Am What I Feel"

It might be said of Cancerians (or "Moonchildren" or Crabs) that "home is where the heart is," for these natives are always aware of the need for the protection and comfort of shelter. This sensitivity for a safe haven extends to both a place to where they are living, as well as their emotions. Ask a Cancer to stay--and find out that they have taken over in subtle ways!

Because this sign is so strongly aware of the close ties of family, they are more open in their expression of feelings for loved ones. The Cancer native plays the role of parent, especially a mother figure, to friends as well as relatives. They must learn not to smother the object of their affections, but to nurture. If they are rejected in their efforts, they are prone to imaginary and real illness, often brought on by worry and emotional upheaval. Cancerians are known for their clinging to relationships, long after they have been cast aside.

Crabs are also emotional to deep extremes, with direct influence of the cycles of the moon, their ruling planet. Their psychic and intuitive links to others make them both pillars of strength and vulnerable targets. The Crab personality is not likely to forget harms done to them, and they can suffer the aches of stomach upsets and ulcers. The crab is known for the hard shell that protects, and Cancerians are tough on the outside and soft-hearted inside. A basic crusty personality can mask the sensitive, shy individual who is unwilling to reveal the moodiness behind the exterior. They are masters of passive resistance, able to act indifferent and unaffected by a lack of harmony with others. They are subtle at reverse psychology, nagging and pleading, and finding out what pleases someone in order to make them change their attitude to suit the Crab. The other party involved often bends their own rules to appease the willing martyr role of the Cancer.
Cancers are also known for their devotion to historical and patriotic ties. They are often the keepers of heirlooms, family records and legacies, antiques and other reminders of the line of heritage. They have a capacity to save for the future, keeping in mind that security also means financial prudence. They can become fussy to a fault with their monies, unwilling to spend even when necessary, holding onto their resources with a greedy insistence. On the other hand, some Crab types, especially mothers with rebellious children, have been known to allow their savings to be spent in hopeful efforts to save their children from troubles.

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Anonymous said...

Oh God!! Its truely written about my character and nature.. I am a moonchild..
Astrology is divine..

Unknown said...

I am very ill, I pick it up and feel the weight of the World.

Unknown said...

love this! so true for me and my FIBRO and understanding my own MOM :)